This is the beginning…

This is the site for Tchipakkan. As with most people, I’ve got fingers in many pies (sometimes literally): I am an artist, I am a healer, I’m a parent. I could be identified as a “crunchy granola back-to-the-land” ex-hippie, except that I never was a hippie. I’ve spent the last 40 years in the SCA, for fun taking on the role of a sixth/seventh century Anglo-Saxon, which has lead to a great deal of knowledge both about that period and the ones around it, as well as the vicissitudes of studying history. I’m a pagan and have spent much of the last fifty years living in and studying the neo-pagan movement. Combining that with the habit of studying history I’ve also explored historical paganisms and other religions. As happens to many people, at some point I became aware of human abilities called ESP, especially those used for healing. In high school my interests centered on comics, theater and metaphysics.  In college I started using the name Tchipakkan, and kept changing majors, starting with theater, moving on to Liberal Arts, Psychology, History, and even attempting an independent major in Parapsychology.

I’ve been lucky enough to have 30 years of True Love, and spent time being happily married, and raising children, and keeping house, and garden and animals. During that period I got very interested in family issues- home birth, breast feeding, nutrition, and all sorts of holistic health studies. Most of my spare time was spent in the SCA, and we started a small business, Cabochons, selling glass stones with sew on settings to other SCAers. In the SCA I began writing articles, booklets, and producing newsletters, and learned many different skills from calligraphy to brewing, belly dancing to soothsaying with runes. After we got a house, I began to learn about home decoration and started my portrait painting business Fair of Face. Ælfwine also did every craft he could get tools and materials for, and was doing a lot of jewelry making in the SCA. After he died I expanded Cabochons, hoping to expand something already started to where I could support myself.

As we went to SCA events, Pagan festivals, Renn Fairs and Science Fiction conventions, I started speaking about the various things I’d learned, and discovered that I love teaching. (I also tried substitute teaching, but came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t deal with that as a profession.) I think as with the art, when I try to show people how good looking they are, I like empowering people in whatever subject area I’m sharing knowledge. I’d rather teach someone to do something themselves than do it for them.

Rather than having a website centering on any of my interests, this one is about me, and will therefore range all over the place, as do my interests. I’ll try to put in appropriate links to help keep track.

This is only the beginning. At this point I’ve been copying bits from various projects and plugging them in here, and writing to fill in the blanks. I know I have a LOT of work to do, before this becomes the website I’ve imagined. Wish me luck. (and if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!)



2 thoughts on “This is the beginning…

  1. I’d be absolutely delighted to have all the info you post in your letters in a format that I could look back at and search by category! You know and share tons, and presenting it in a way that makes it easier for those of us without your prodigious memory would be a wonder!

    Best of luck on your new venture! 🙂

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