Sacred Images and Winter Ceremonies at Feast of Lights

Heading out Friday for Feast of Lights down in Holyoke, MA

The two workshops I’ll be doing are Traditional Winter Ceremonies 4:30-6 pm Friday February 3rd

From the bonefires of Samhain and sacrifices of Blotmonath on through Midwinter there have been many ceremonies- many of which continued as nominally Christian traditions. The terrifying Krampus and mischievous Yul Nisse are almost certainly survivals of pre-Christian celebrations. We could argue forever about who stole what traditions from who, but in looking to traditional practices we can better design what works for us now, so I’ll cover as many as I have time to cover.

and Art, Magic and Religion: Sacred Images at 11-12:30 am on Saturday

Most cultures created images to enhance their practices- from voodoo dolls and ex votos to icons and idols, sacred images, from Michaelangelo to Inuit carving fetishes, people have used images to create tangible links to the intangible world. We will examine historical practices and modern pagan adaptations and innovations.


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