Beltaine a Pagan Odyssey

Beltaine a Pagan Odyssey

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for this event, because this was where I started speaking.  Over the years I’ve been to a huge assortment of pagan events of different sizes, durations, venues from camping to hotels, and have discovered that each has its special flavor. Beltaine a Pagan Odyssey has always had a strong emphasis on entertainment with incredible entertainers, and generally good speakers. As happens with events that require organizing, chaos in the life of those running it can mean an event may stop being available for us to enjoy. Last year Rev. Alicia wasn’t able to pull it off, but this year it’s back- although smaller than it has been in the past. Usually, at this point on Friday there have been classes going all day and concerts are in full swing, but this year as they gear up again, we only get to gather for Saturday and Sunday

I’ll be doing part of my Palmistry series. I’m using this as an motivation to post some of the handouts I use in the workshop here (under Divination/Palmistry). In theory I started doing this website in order to post the handouts for my workshops, because, free is better, and it’s really hard to know how many to bring.I developed the series for the ASP (A Sacred Place) Turning of the Wheel Beltane. (Luckily, as it’s in NH, Auntie Shema chooses to celebrate at the other end of May when it’s warmer, so you can attend both!)

My attitude toward handouts, whether the free short ones or the big booklets I actually sell, is that they supplement the class- going shouldn’t make the class redundant, and there should be something in the written part that I may not mention while speaking. In the case of the palmistry series, what I’m posting today is mostly graphics, and while I’d like to think I’ll add a page to go with each of the images I’m posting, it may take me a while. If there’s something you’re curious about, please feel free to write and ask. Hope to see you down there, and if not, somewhere else, or there’s always the internet.


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