New Normal this week Dennis Windsinger Seavey

Please join me, Tchipakkan, and my guest, Dennis Windsinger Seavey, on the New Normal 8-9 tonight (EST, Wednesday, May 30, 2012), on!

Dennis is a man who lives in “Two worlds and Too many voices”.

He’s an artist, musician, song-maker, film-maker, bodybuilder,  historian, martial artist, EMT, healer, shaman, and a trained scientist.  He’s done parapsychological research,  ghost busting and gotten into trouble (from both sides) for applying the scientific method to metaphysical phenomena. Recently he’s been doing experiments with Telekinesis. Dennis and I will be talking about some of his experiences, and exploring how he integrates his abilities into his normal life. We may even talk to his wife about the annoyance of dealing with a man who can consistently predict the lottery numbers as a test exercise, but never for their family.

Please call in and join us with questions. 619 639 4606


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