Laura Wildman Hanlon on the New Normal July 18th

I am so looking forward to tonight. Laura WIldman Hanlon is going to be my guest and we are going to talk about Tarot. There are very few things so satisfying as talking about something you share an interest with with another aficionado. We’ll get to talk about how it works (our theories, of course) and what we’ve discovered in a combined nearly an hundred years of Tarot reading!

As usual, the New Normal will be at 8-9 edt, Wednesday, July 18, 2012. Listen on your computer at     If you have any questions about tarot, call in at 619-639-4606.

Laura Wildman-Hanlon is the author of What’s Your Wicca I.Q.? (Citadel 2002), Wiccan Meditations (Citadel 2003) and Celebrating the Pagan Soul: Our own stories of transformation and community (Citadel 2005).  She is one of the creators of Cherry Hill Seminary, a virtual Pagan Seminary offering distance education for Pagan ministry. Along with organizing and participating in hundreds of rituals and workshops , Laura has lectured and taught classes on Wicca and the Tarot for over 20 years. She is a recognized Wiccan clergy in her home state of Massachusetts and offers wedding/handfasting and other rites of passage ceremonies.


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