Off to Pennsic!

Off to Pennsic to spend a couple of quiet weeks with twelve thousand of my friends. This year is especially chaotic as I’ve agreed to participate in the arts and sciences display. Some of the artists in the SCA are so incredible- people who do everything from carve ivory to making stained glass to armor to perfume… anything you can imagine, if they did it in period, someone in the SCA is trying it.

My form of play is trying to be able to do what a 7th century Anglo-Saxon lady could do, so I don’t do anything as well as many of the others. I’ve made a few more Anglo-Saxon pots, since I couldn’t find enough left from the last batch, and there is so much more I planned to do, and didn’t get to- leather working, I still hope to have some calligraphy to show. Still, I’m feeling insecure about my showing.

Beyond that I’m doing my usual four workshops, twice each. This year I’m covering Anglo-Saxon Funeral Practice, Art, Leechcraft, and Magick. Luckily I know those all pretty well, although I had hoped to get a really good Anglo-Saxon Art booklet done. I’ve got the ‘give away’ 3-4 page booklets, but it’s beginning to look like I’m not going to finish the 20-25 page ones. Sigh. I really have a hard time with not taking on more than I actually have time to accomplish. We’ve packed my art supplies, but will I have a chance to do any art? I don’t know.

I am looking forward to doing, and going to workshops, seeing performances, and, of course, seeing old friends. I miss the way Ælfwine and I used to do the war- making camp and doing everything as authentically as possible was an incredible joy. Now that we are in the market I can no longer cook over an open fire, and don’t have time anyway.  Life changes, and I couldn’t have done all the fun things I do now while doing what I did then, so I should look back, smile, and enjoy this year’s activities.


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