The New Normal- Shelly Hanson and Cathy Kane

I think this week was the best show so far. The guest was Shelly (Michelle) Hanson who developed the Ocean Oracle Divination system. I love talking to her, she always has something incredible to share, combining science and spirituality. We posted the link to the place on her website where you can see her 200 shells. People called in and when they told her what shell they were attracted to (or repelled by) she was able to tell them what was going on in their lives. I am so sorry I forgot to post about it here so you could call.

Next Wednesday Cathy Kane will be on and we will be talking Palmistry. Cathrine and I are both palmists, but Cathy has probably read thousands of palms to my hundreds, and we’ll be sharing our stories and how people can use palmistry to get better control over their lives. It’s not just a party trick, it’s a useful tool.   This is another subject that really needs visuals, so Cathy is posting some images on her website: Foresight Your Connecticut Psychic: Practical Living in a Magickal World.

We know you’ll be listening along while looking at your own palm, and this will help you follow when we talk about what it means when the head line is long or short, the heart line is is straight or curved, the heart line, etc. Listen on your computer at

For the images of palms, go to . On the front page, click on the palm in the upper left hand corner of the page, to open a page with the palmistry images. Call into the show at 619-639-4606 (Wednesday between 8 and 9).

Before or after, you may want to pick up a copy of Adventures in Palmistry, Cathy’s book. I’ve read over 50 palmistry book and hers may be the most accessible- it takes it step by step and explains how it works. Soon you can be surrounded by people who want you to read their palms (you may learn to not let people know!).


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