New Normal September 5th

This week I’m going to be talking about everything from Reiki to Warding, Tarot to Acupressure, Spirituality in Role Playing to Viking Zombies. My guest, Jane Sibley, and I will be talking about the upcoming New England metaphysical conference Changing Times-Changing Worlds in November where the workshops are designed to be hands-on and how-to more than just “introduction to”. Some of us don’t need someone to show us “look at this, it’s real!”. We know it’s real, we have been studying and doing ghost hunting or energy healing or practical magick for twenty, thirty, forty years or more, and want to learn more advanced techniques. This conference gathers experienced speakers from a huge range of disciplines and belief systems to talk shop and share their expertise. We’ll see how many we can get on to tweak your interest.

Jane Sibley is one of the foremost experts on Runes and ancient Norse magick in the country, and is also the co-chair of Changing Times-Changing Worlds.

You can listen on your computer at

Call into the show at 619-639-4606 with any questions. Wednesday, Sept. 5, between 8 and 9 est.

This week someone was telling me the CTCW website isn’t compelling- it doesn’t make people afraid to miss the con. If you can think of a way to make it better, so more people will want to come, feel free to drop me a note to let me know how to improve it.


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