“I do believe in Fairies!” (They stole my car keys!)

I feel so lucky, this week on the New Normal I’ll be talking to Morgan Daimler about the Fair Folk, Good Neighbors, the Fae, the Sidhe.

I have to admit that I’m having a bit of trepidation as I’m promoting the show this week, because etiquette prohibits referring to them as fairies, but if I want people to know what we’re going to be talking about, I rather have to use that term. They, whatever we call them, and whatever they are, have a long history of interaction with humans, and I have had some personal experiences myself.

We’ll be talking about their history, stories about them, as well as our interactions with them. (“Where are my keys?!”) You can listen on your computer at Liveparanormal.com/   and call into the show at 619-639-4606 with questions, or to share your own experiences with the fae. The show with Morgan will be live: Wednesday, Sept. 12, between 8 and 9 est. (or find podcasts of the New Normal on blogtalkradio/liveparanormal)

Morgan Daimler is an Irish reconstructionist pagan, a gythia of a CT heathen kindred, a druid in the Order of the White Oak. Morgan is the author of several books including By Land, Sea and Sky,  and the upcoming A Child’s Eye View of the Fairy Faith.  With her perspective being toward the more traditional aspects of magic and divination, I am looking forward to hearing her share her knowledge of the Good Folk.

People in the modern world often have their view of the fae from Barrie’s Peter Pan: “If a child says “I don’t believe in fairies”, a fairy drops down dead!”  (or maybe Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe). As Morgan says, the Victorians have a lot to answer for. I tend to share her appreciation of the scene in Labyrinth when the fairy bit Sarah. “It bit me!” “What did you expect?” Given that I’ve had to deal with a pixie infestation, I have a lot of sympathy for Hoggle!

When you talk about the fae you seem to draw their attention to you, and this may or may not be a good thing.  They are known for hiding objects, moving things (they may account for some poltergeist phenomena), messing with electronics. Since this is a talk show via computer, I won’t be surprised if we have inexplicable problems during the show. When Trish Telesco was writing a book on fairies, she says having her keys go missing was a constant problem. Perhaps it’s a case of  when you are “outing them” they start making their presence felt.

There are so many things I hope we get to talk about: the Seelie/ Unseelie Court, etiquette in dealing with them, changelings, all the different kinds of fairies in folklore: pixies, brownies, boggarts. Various theories on what they may be, and of course, as many personal experiences as we can get.


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