Getting Ready for the Nine Worlds Festival

I have to laugh at myself- I’ve been listening to Wayne Dwyer’s How to Unclutter your Life- as I scramble between Twilight Covening, Coronation and the upcoming Nine Worlds Festival (not to mention tucking in preparing for Changing Times Changing Worlds between driving all over the eastern seaboard). My life seems cluttered, but when I think of it, a few years ago I made a mental list of what I’d like my life to be like if it could be perfect- I could study, speak, do art, and empower people, to be with my family, …, I think my life is what other people are aiming at. I’ll admit that I forgot to add that I’d have enough money to be worry free and be able to help others, and that I’d have time to relax, but I’ve thought of it now, so I’m sure that will right itself.

I do have a tendency to feel like I can do everything that I think is worth doing, if I only try. The problem is that in this world, we have these agreements about time and space, and one really can’t do it all. One has to choose how to spend one’s time. I have to choose. I guess I’ve never been good at that because I’ve been so lucky. I really enjoyed Twilight Covening, and the chance to talk about tarot intensively with 10 other experienced card readers. I really enjoyed Coronation, and seeing my friends and playing Dark Ages life. I am SO looking forward to the Nine Worlds Festival where there will be other folk who love the northern traditions and aren’t hung up on the more recent neo-heathen traditions that have been created by well meaning folk, but also tends to restrain those working within that subculture from exploring the available information to find out what was done in the past, and what serves us best in the present. I’m pretty sure that what will serve in the future will have to be different than what we need now.

I wonder if people know what I mean by northern tradition? It’s the cultures and history and religions of the Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Germanic, Icelandic and other cultures. They worshiped Thor/Thunor/Donar and Frey/Freyr/Ing, Tyr/Tiw/Ziu and the other Gods and Giants. I think a lot of people get their knowledge of Thor from the Marvel Comics, and maybe movie, so beyond the changes that occurred from place to place across Northern Europe and over the millenia when they were being worshipped, there’s also a lot of misinformation from Christian reporters as well as modern fictional writers.

I’ll be talking about Anglo-Saxon Magick and Medicine (what a surprise!), but I hope I’ll get to go to some of the other workshops as well. They have tracks for healing and ancestor work and mead, among others. I am interested in the healing workshops. This is the first year for Raven’s festival, and I’m sure if the neo-heathen community was more open to dealing with the Etins, there would be more of them there. I do hope that an another generation they will be getting along better. We have more in common than not- but that may be like saying that all Christian churches have a lot in common. While true, very few of them would want to be associated, for instance, with the Westboro Baptists. Sigh.

I guess we each come into the world with something we want to learn, and if we are working on that, we may have to let other lessons go for this lifetime. As with projects, no one can do everything at once. So I’ll be packing up and heading down first thing Thursday. I’d head down Wednesday, if I could figure out a way to do the New Normal from Jane’s house. She’s going to be my guest. To go along with the theme of October, we’ll be talking about the Mighty Dead of Norse tales. Norse ghosts are probably more hostile and scary than those from anywhere else- except maybe Japan. Do listen in if you want to hear some spooky stuff!


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