Cutting off your nose…

In many ways accepting the Rationalist attitude that we should accept nothing that we can not measure is doing ourselves as huge a disservice as the current culture’s attempts to neutralize one of our five senses: smell.

Think about it- humans aren’t supposed to smell, in either sense of the word. We wash, deodorize, perfume, mask, and even anesthetize our noses. I recently heard that the deodorizer Febreze works by neutralizing odors, essentially anesthetizing your nose. Less chemically dangerous, but not psychologically, mothers teach their children not to smell things. Simply to sniff something is supposed to indicate disapproval.

Similarly, we teach our children to deny the energy parts of their lives, that there is no such thing as “magick”. We do this with the best of intentions, we tell them that there is no such thing as ghosts so they won’t be scared, we tell them they can’t wish for something and make it happen because we want to prevent guilt for things they didn’t do.

I have to ask why we do not instead teach them how to wish and how to tell whether it was their influence that created the effect, or what we know (or think we know) about ghosts, spirits and ancestors). Perhaps the first thing we need to do is examine our own motivations- what is it exactly that we are trying to accomplish when we teach our children that what they are experiencing is not real? Are we trying to reassure ourselves because we feel insecure?

The idea that someone can know something about you that you thought was private is always a bit scary- whether it’s a psychic, or the CIA. It makes us worry about our ability to preserve our secrets. Similarly when we know that someone else has an ability that we don’t, that they are stronger, faster, able to pay for things we can’t, it is natural to worry that they may be able to exercise that ability against us, or at least in ways we don’t like.

It seems to me that rather than to deny the existence of the world of the spirit/energy we would do better to empower ourselves by embracing it and studying it. As with studying aroma therapy, by accepting the reality of the human ability to smell, and learning more about how it interacts with all the other systems in our body, studying ESP, or ghosts, or all other forms of the paranormal can give us more control over our environment, not less. Our sense of smell is a powerful tool that can help us understand our environment, both warning us of dangers, as well as enhancing our enjoyment of the world. Similarly, our psychic senses allow us to be in greater contact with other beings and the entire multi-verse.



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