Jane Sibley on Runes and Magick on the New Normal

ArwenTonight, Wednesday, March 9th, on LiveParanormal.com I’ll be joined by Jane Sibley.

Jane is my co-chair at CTCW, Jane Sibley (Ph.D., traditional Norse practitioner, specialist in Norse folklore and runes).  Jane is an expert on the historical- and the practical- uses of Runes. She was taught the ancient arts of rune-casting, seidhr, healing, and other Norwegian magickal arts by her grandmother, and has continued to study them since. She is frustrated by much of the sillier additions to rune lore in the last century (and rather cross about some of the Nazi insertions). She’s working on a volume of Runelore that will counteract this, but tonight, Wednesday, we will see how much of this huge subject we can cram into an hour. Feel free to call in with questions whether you use runes for divination or magick (or not yet).She has taught at many Pagan events for decades, including at Rites of Spring, Feast of Lights, Twilight Covening, Beltane, Ecumenicon … the list goes on … and created MithraCon, a conference on Mithraism and other cults in the Roman Empire- coming up in New Haven, CT this weekend.

There are only a couple references to using runes for divination in the sagas and eddas, but lots of references to using them for magick. Jane Sibley is one of the foremost scholars of runes in the country, and she’ll be talking about how runes were used for magick historically- and maybe cover some modern applications. If you miss it, she’ll be teaching classes on younger and elder futharcs at the conference, and we’ll post a link   here so you can listen in the archives in the New Normal section of this website.

Runes are very visual, so in case we need some visual references here are a few quick bindrunes:



Here’s a a basic futharc runeset:








and a futhorc (aka Saxon/frisian Runes)

runes2 futhorc

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