I’ve just added a section to my House and Home section. Those who know me know what a mania for holidays I have. I’ve been posting them on facebook and live journal every day. But it’s been a passion as long as I can remember.christmasw_rudy

One year when we’d brought in the tree, and the living room was spread with dozens of the boxes full of the holiday decorations wrapped in paper, I heaved a sigh of deep contentment, and Mother said that I was never so happy as when surrounded by chaos. I think it was mostly surrounded by potential! Unwrapping the decorations from the newspaper padding was as satisfying as unwrapping presents. I’m also the only person I know who enjoys putting away the ornaments from the tree (if not carrying the boxes up to the attic again). Each ornament has its own story to tell.

holiI love the customs and folklore of holidays, whether the ones we celebrate or ones I’ve only read about. So if you want to be overwhelmed by a huge number of holidays, feel free to pop over and take a peek. Frankly, they’re easier to take one day at a time. Today, for example:

Today, Monday, May 26th, 2014, is National Grape Popsicle Day, Wear Purple Day , National Blueberry Cheesecake Day, Cherry Dessert Day, World Lindy Hop Day, ARMAD Day (Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day), Grey Day, Sally Ride Day, Julia Pierpont Day, and in Australia it’s National Sorry Day/ Day of Healing.

In ancient Rome this was the time of the Fontinalia and Ludi Saeculares.

The last Monday in May is Memorial Day/ Decoration Day. The Minor Rogation Days start (minor rogations are held on Monday to Wednesday on the dates preceding Ascension Thursday 5-26-14. 5-11-15, 5-1-16).

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