Rob Nolan talks about Spiritual Ecology

The Ecology of the Spiritual World part II on the New Normal Wednesday

Have you considered spirits in an ecological way? Tchipakkan speaks to CTCW Speaker Reverend Rob Nolan Wednesday night at 8.
Just as in the visible world, the spiritual world is populated with many different creatures that are linked in an ecosystem. As in the world we can see, there are different environments. Some entities like to live where it is wet, some dry, some prefer light, others like dark, some beings gravitate to “creepy”, others where it is happy. All entities serve a purpose in the environment in which they live, and balance that with others. Even those things we often think of as dark and malevolent serve a purpose in their environment.

Rev. Robert Nolan has been a practicing magician and priest in New Hampshire for the Rob Nolan Deb Jarvis weddingpast 16 years during which time he has been involved in events and festivals run by The Sagefire Fellowship and A Sacred Place, and is currently involved in the establishment of a pagan men’s group.

This show we will concentrate on the outside world rather than inside your house. Listen to part one (interior spirit ecosystem) here:

Join us from 8-9 live, listen and participate:
To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen, or listen to archived shows (organized by date, topic and guest) on any time.

We’d love you to call in 619-639-4606, with your questions and/ or stories about what you’ve experienced, or you can share them in the Liveparanormal chat room).


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