Headed off to the GNEW (then Pennsic)!

Great Northeastern WarCabochons at the GNEW

10-13 Hebron ME

I’ll be teaching:

Anglo-Saxon Kings: from the “Great” to the “Clueless” Friday 11 am

Anglo-Saxon Queens: Cwen 7 Hlafdige Friday at 1 pm

Herbalism for Kids (adults welcome) Saturday 9:30 am

Runic Divination/ Rune Casting Saturday 3 pm

DSCF7996<Le sigh!> Here is the opinion bit of this post. As I was adding the pictures from GNEW last year, I could wish people were better at getting into garb and getting their cars out of the main area. Admittedly, our Panther pavilions and pop-ups would probably look pretty odd to medieval folk, but jeans and U-haul are enough to jar my modern sensibilities. So I shall instead look forward to the lovely baked goods that have been sold their recently. There’s something so wonderful about going off to buy your lunch from another merchant in the market!

Between the 13th and the 25th will be the mad scramble to get ready for the Pennsic Wars, where we’ll be (leaving poor John to hold down the fort) until we get back the 11th. (then we start the mad scramble to get ready for Pagan Pride Days, Twilight, and CTCW).

Here’s when my classes will be at the Pennsic University. Please note that I’ve moved the last class on Thursday from 7 pm to morning. The change won’t be in the book, but in updates.

  9 am 10 am 11 am 7 pm
7-29 tues A&S 8 Anglo-Saxon Kings     A&S 5Anglo-Saxon Herbs/gardens
7-30 wed A&S 12Anglo-Saxon Magick     CabochonsIntro to Runes
7-31 thurs A&S 12 High Magick     CabochonsRunValdr
8-1 fri A&S 12 Low Magick     CabochonsIntro to Runes
8-2 sat Cabochons Anglo-Saxon Pottery CabochonsRunValdr   A&S 5Anglo-Saxon Magick
8-3 sun       A&S 1High Magick
8-4 mon A&S 13Anglo-Saxon Herbs/gardens   CabochonsRunValdr A&S 1 Low Magick
8-5 tues       CabochonsIntro to Runes
8-6 wed CabochonsRunValdr     A&S 5 Anglo-Saxon  Kings
8-7 thurs      



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