Coming up on the New Normal Alexis Doyle

Alexis Doyle“They who dance are thought Mad by those who cannot hear the Music”. In our attempts to create one “product” (public school) that meets the needs of all, some have started defining all those whose needs it doesn’t meet as aberrant. Those who use psychic abilities daily are constantly challenged by those who simply refuse to believe that such abilities exist. In the face of such pressure, many young people simply suppress all abilities that could make life difficult for them.
Those of us who’d like our children’s talents to blossom (whether psychic, musical, artistic, athletic, or social) sometimes find ourselves trudging an uphill course to help our children reach their natural potential. This is true with any child, but especially so with children who are seen as “different” (translation: hard to make fit into public school).

Having been born with her own psychic abilities, Alexis has found herself drawn to the research and study of them. She is now raising two psychic children of her own and her various studies have led to an interesting collaboration between autism and the presence of strong psychic senses. Believing that this is the start of a more psychic population, She works with autistic children and reaching them through the psychic senses.

I myself have a son in “the Autism Spectrum” and have known several folks so diagnosed, and many of them show incredible psychic abilities. Is there a connection, or are they just a subset of the increasingly psychic children being born lately?

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We’d love you to call in 619-639-4606, with any questions for Alexis, or you can share them in the Liveparanormal chat room and I’ll pass them along.

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