Updating Metaphysics

I’ve just added a bit of a preface to my section on metaphysics, and the essay “All Holidays are Local Holidays“, and it occurs to me that the “blog” section might be a good place to let people know when I add pages or updates.   (BTW, the Yankee Charge of the Goddess is one of my favorite pieces)

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the update:

This section covers all sorts of metaphysical/ occult/ psychic subjects. I start from the premise that people are psychic. I believe there has been ample evidence of this, and it’s high time we stopped wasting energy trying to prove it to those who don’t want to believe it, and just get on with making it a useful part of our lives. Whether using it to get information not available through “normal” means, healing, finding things, or otherwise interacting with the world around us, this is a set of abilities humans have. A good way to describe them is “talents” because as with artistic or physical talents, people seem to start with different levels, and can, with practice, develop these talents into skills. I explore these phenomena both in the conference Changing Times-Changing Worlds, and in my podcast show The New Normal, and you can follow those links for a lot more information.

As I see the world as being imbued in spirit in every aspect, I describe my beliefs (depending upon the audience) as pagan, heathen, rustic, animist, polytheist…. I think religion is simply the way people describe how the world works. I find we can communicate with the spirit that is in everything, and have found that often these spirits have personalities that are best taken into account when dealing with them. Do you want to call them gods? ghosts? ancestors? divas? elementals? pixies? avatars? Throughout history and across the world there are hundreds of words to describe spirits. The words come to us from our culture, and help create the filters that effect the way we perceive them. Forensics have shown us that we see what we expect to see, so we can’t even really trust our own eyes and ears. The words our culture has taught us help shape the way we experience the “unseen” world. The Pagan world view, as it accepts the world as inhabited by other spirits with whom we can interact naturally respects the rights of those others to live, and by extension: Nature. I’m not sure I would call it “worship” as much as “appreciate” the other beings and their manifestations.

I did not so much decide to be pagan as realize that I was, that my beliefs or perceptions were much closer to those described in what I read about pagan cultures. There will, therefore, be articles in this section from my writings about these subjects. One lovely thing about modern “Neo-pagans” is that most, accepting that there are many ways to interact with the spiritual world, are not as concerned with convincing others that one way is the “right” way. (This is not to say that many don’t spend a lot of time sharing “better ways to” do this, that, or the other thing, including communicating with the Divine.) I find this means a large component of humor that I hadn’t often found in the mono-theistic sphere (but I’ll admit I may just have missed it). For example, there’s a Wiccan writing The Charge of the Goddess, that has been re-written dozens if not hundreds of times into humorous spin-offs. Mine, The Yankee Charge of the Goddess, is included. I also include more serious essays. None of this is meant to proselytize or convince, but only to share.


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