Care and Feeding of Spirits

OK- let’s assume that you believe in fairies, elves, brownies, ancestor spirits, but what do you do next? Who wouldn’t love a house wight or hob who’ll help with the housework? Who doesn’t want to stafairy treey on the good side of whoever keeps hiding the tools you need and make them pop back in when you give up on them? But what do you do if you live in an apartment? You have no hearth, no well? Can you attract a spirit, and if so, will it be friendly? Will it be strong enough to manifest any help for you?
Let’s talk about how we interact with spirits, and do they need us as much as we need them? Aside from that, if you ask a friend for help who only ever approaches you when they want help, and never just shares a meal just for friendship sake, would they want to help you? barn wite and horse
How often does one set out a bit of milk, honey or porridge for a brownie- annually, weekly, daily? Do you leave offerings at springs, rocks, or trees nearby? Do you “feed” your hearth spirit, your door spirit, or other spirits that you may sometimes hope for help from? This is the week the ancient Romans honored their ancestors at the feast of Parentalia they offered a little meal and drink. Brownies were fond of porridge with butter and honey. Other spirits liked other things. Fairies like sugar and sparkle. Others like tobacco or alcohol. Coins are left at crossroads, sometimes stacked stones. What do we leave, or do, and why?

Other spirits (poltergeists) we may not want around, how do we avoid attracting those or get rid of them?

Please call in with any stories or questions: 619-639-4606

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