Celebrate Samhain

celebrate samhain2015Celebrate Samhain is New England’s premier Samhain festival ­ dedicated to the ancient Celtic celebration of the final harvest and ancestors past.

Filled with magic, music, crafts, and merriment, Celebrate Samhain offers something for everyone. Be captivated by the music; browse the wares of gifted artisans; discover and connect in the free talks and workshops; enlist the wisdom of a variety of intuitive readers; indulge in sumptuous harvest fare; and observe the Celtic tradition of Samhain in an earth-centered spiritual ceremony that honors the ancient ones and loved ones gone by.

Celebrate Samhain – a festival commemorating the origins of Halloween – seeks to provide a fun and enlightening experience while supporting our community through contributions to the local food pantry.schedule

When it rains, we shine! Celebrate Samhain is an indoors event. Escape the wet and spend the day exploring, shopping, feasting, and celebrating! Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to connect with community and discover and honor thsockshanginge magic in your life and around you!

Of course we’ll be there with our long striped stockings and other wonderful stuff for you to take home! Currently we have over 75 color combinations!

Here’s the blog part:

Since the header says “Get Ready Witches” I’m going to take this opportunity to mention that whether or not I’m a witch depends on your definition of the word Witch. Yes, I do divination, I do magick, I do healing, I occasionally mess with the weather (in small ways), I do talk to spirits, … and animals, and plants. (I’m not a shaman, I just do some shamanistic things).  I don’t worship the devil, although I do believe in him/them (I feel it would be really rude to deny what so many others apparently believe in so strongly). I don’t interfere in other people’s free will any more than most people and TRY to do it less. Do I try to undermine the social and religious order? Only to the extent that I try to promote freedom of religion- in 2015 I can say “no more than the Pope.” I also try to get the fact that humans are psychic and the world has a spirit/energy aspect to be better accepted. That IS a paradigm I’d like toppled. I certainly don’t do “evil”, nor harm anyone’s body or property (if I can help it). I’ll admit to old, but I’d prefer not to think I was ugly.  I’ll embrace the term “crone” but not “hag”. I do wear long striped stockings, I do have a pointy hat (although it needs to be brushed very sadly!), and my hair frizzes. (We like to think that’s because of all the energy escaping!) More explicitly in the modern parlance, I’m not Wiccan, although many of my friends are. 271512796982

More on the Celebrate Samhain facebook page and their event page.


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