New Star Wars movie

princess-leia-star-wars-episode-7 I have been told that there are some people on the internet griping about how much Carrie Fisher aged between 1977 and 2016. (39 years, what do you expect?) How old are the people asking this question? 18? 20?

In 1970, I don’t remember getting upset because the film stars from the thirties I saw on late night TV didn’t look the same as they did in the old black and whites when I saw them on recent movies on prime time. (These may be the same students who can’t put WW1, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 in order.)  I just did a quick check of movies from the 30s and most of those stars weren’t around in the 70s! Those who were? Damn! Those were stars! Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, or more recent stars Sophia Loren and Shirley McClaine; because they could act, they did! We simply were only surprised when we caught an old movie (for example The Court Jester) and discovered that Angela Landsbury used to play shallow pretty roles, instead of rocking in Murder She Wrote or Sweeney Todd on Broadway.

princess-leiaMore importantly, it’s about character. Years ago a “princess” grabbed a gun and kicked a wookie down a garbage chute rather than accepting the role of being pretty and getting rescued. Why the heck would we expect her to change her behavior? Luke (the backwater kid) was entranced by her looks (and title?), but remember when Han said “I’m beginning to like her”? THAT is why they ended up together- he was attracted to her behavior, not her appearance.
princess-leia-1My take on the “aging” comments is that the few loud idiots who focus on people getting wrinkled as they age (“it’s not the years honey, it’s the milage” to quote another Ford movie), is in for a hard lesson as they too wrinkle and also have to deal with aches, pains and actual medical problems when the years catch up with them!
As a final thought- did they actually watch the movies or just collect the posters? If you look at Leia when she’s going undercover at Jabba’s place, when she’s wearing the “gold bikini” (clearly put on her as a humiliation technique), her facial expression clearly says “You may dress me like this, but any second now I’m going to wrap this stupid chain around your podgy throat and kill you.” Then she does. I might be able to have that look, but probably not accomplish the feat. Carrie-Fisher-as-Princess-Leia-in-a-gold-bikini-584890


Leia started out as a spy, a freedom fighter, and a revolutionary, and she kept going apparently for decades. This is a strong woman, and anyone who doesn’t see that, disappoints me.

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