Is it only me?

Do other people spend as much time as I do trying to figure themselves out? Why do I do things? I think about that constantly.
For example, I am working hard at learning to throw things out when they don’t serve anymore, but I hate waste. I feel proud when I wear socks I’ve darned or clothing I’ve patched. Other people seem to think it’s shameful. There has to be a reason for it. Since my sibs don’t seem to share my perspective, I guess it’s more nature than nurture.

People are built differently. Willow notices things- to the point where she finds it exhausting. I miss things. They call me Oblivious Woman. Possibly that’s because my attention is always turned inward.  That implies that this trait may be rare. I don’t know.

Creating Enemies

Men (some men) are so afraid that if women get power they will treat men badly (as men have treated women). White supremacists fear that if people of color get equal rights they will strike back at those who have abused them. Abusers fear those who they abuse. Why do they not see that they (we) are creating people who hate us by mistreating them?