I yelled at a telemarketer

I yelled at a telemarketer and I feel badly about it. I try to be nice to them. After all, who would take that job if they had any other option? I know they are trying to pay their own bills, care for their own kids, just make ends meet, but I’ve tried the lightbulbs that are supposed to save you money (Never buy another lightbulb! Only they short out just as easily, and sure, they replace it “free”, but it costs $5 to mail it back!); I’ve bought the cheaper toner (my printer objects every time I put one in, and reads it as empty when it isn’t and refuses to print anything until I’ve changed the half full cartridge), I believe that micro-organisms in your septic tank will keep it healthier and put off costly mechanical maintenance…. But even if these things do save some money, I don’t freaking have the money to get them! Just stop freaking calling me!

I don’t need to be reminded that anything they can afford to discount that much is out of my price range. I’m pretty sure most of the 99% understand. (There’s probably a small percentage left under the rich 1% who aren’t hurting…yet.) It’s too easy to simply clump all Republicans with Mitch McConnell and the millions he’s made in the last few years, vs. the Democrats and Cortez who couldn’t afford a place to live in Washingon DC, but if you don’t have to pick between food and utilities, you aren’t going to understand, and if you support your party to the detriment of the environment and health and safety of the people, clearly you have no idea what it’s like to have to make that sort of choice- you’re living in la la land. My parents once went to visit a friend in Guatamala. He lived in Maine, but his family and money came from there, and his lovely home was surrounded by a 10 foot wall, with an armed guard every 20 feet. They didn’t even think about it because that’s simply how they lived. When you surround yourself with others like you, you’ll never understand.
So I am sorry I yelled at the poor guy who was just trying to make a living, because he is forced to try to make it off me. We need to get together and say NO. It’s not fair for us to fight each other for scraps while you use your excess Capital to make more excess, simply as a way to score points. Good people don’t do that to others, and I don’t have to feel sorry for someone who isn’t good.