Divine Cookies

Divine Cookies was my first cookbook. Having not managed to sell my Cookies for the Eight Holidays to Llewellyn I decided to self publish a smaller version – adding a small description of the various gods and goddesses who inspired the recipes, so that it would appeal to those who wanted to teach their kids mythology as well as baking.

Sadly, many of the illustrations couldn’t be put into the self published version- like these Bridget’s Crosses (fried and glazed with honey), or the Osiris Puzzle cookies, below.

I wish these could be in the Lulu version of the cookbooks, but sadly they aren’t. On the other hand, pictures are meant to make people want to try the cookies, and on Lulu they can’t flip through to see them, so I guess it’s not as needed.

Many of the recipes are old favorites dressed up in fancy shapes that remind me of the gods- others like the ones on this page, are simply delicious, and some are even inspired by the gods.

After that came Heathen Cookies.

My original thought on the pagan cookie books is that just about every subculture in America has its own favorite cookies. When mothers grab xeroxed and stapled cook books for Yule or Beltaine or Samhain, it sends a signal to the kids subconscious that we are just a fringe group, but if they could see their Mom grabbing a commercial book with the family’s favorites when it’s time to make Lammas Serpents or Litha Green Men, then we’re just another one of that big American Melting Pot. So I tried to get it done. Until I’m able to sell it to a publisher, I’ve been selling the various sections one at a time- sadly, copied and stapled, but I’m still hopeful.

Here are some of the Illustrations from Yule and Litha

Another thing I’m proud of is the index of ingredients- if you need cookies to use up the egg whites or egg yolks you’ve got left from another recipe, or if you need gluten or milk free cookies, there’s a list in that index.  If you want to buy copies I’ve got Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain, Yule and Imbolc available. (I’ll get the store up as soon as I can- meanwhile you can write me.)

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