Boxing Day

When we were first married we used to get lego castle sets, and we’d bring out all our old Lego’s and play armies one against another the day after Christmas. Ælfwine always seemed to work for places that closed the week after Christmas, so we always had that week together.
At some point his brother Steve,  started hosting a holiday party on “the feast of Stephen” which became the Taylor gathering time (as Christmas Eve was the Richards gathering). At that point we gave up on the lego tradition.
What we still (kind of) do, is another tradition for us. I wouldn’t let the kids have sweetened cereals- so on Boxing Day, each kid got a box of Lucky Charms, Sugar Pops, Trix, Captain Crunch, or something similar. Once a year they’d get a box of sweetened cereal on Boxing Day (then go to Steve’s all sugared up). It was something to look forward to. i mentioned it several times in the checkout line at the store, and last year I heard another woman say that she did the same thing. Did she hear it through me, or come up with it herself? I think it won’t hurt the kids to have the sugared cereal once a year- but not as a general thing.

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