Christmas Breakfast

Christmas morning is hidebound in tradition too. We have Fattigman Bakkels (aka polish donuts), a pound of bacon, scrambled eggs, OJ, and cocoa every Christmas morning. I can’t imagine what would happen if we attempted to deviate.
I got the recipe on a Good Day! show back in the early years of our marriage- Jim Heller of the Blue Strawberry showed it, and it was SO my kind of recipe. Make a mound of flour and crack in a couple of eggs. Add powdered sugar to taste, and enough heavy cream to make it into a dough. Knead together, roll out, and cut into diamonds. Put a slit in each, and pull the end through the middle. Deep fat fry. It’s heating the oil that takes the longest time. Later, even later than when Ælfwine became the bunny lord, we discovered that another name for them was Rabbit Ears- which was kind of an added bonus.)DSCF5941

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