Letting in the Season Wreaths

I’m kind of “anti-grinch”, I love the whole season, the chaos, the decoration, the cookies, the music, the goodwill, and as with most people these days, in order to fit gifts into the budget, I’ve been preparing for the season for months. I think the average woman I know with kids starts in August. Think about it, the mythical “average” American spends $700 a year, do you want to take that out of one month’s budget? I think not! So that when it’s finally time for doing Christmas-y stuff, I’m ready for it!DSCF8542 I am the proud recipient of some of our family decorations. Mr. Sylvester who lived next door to us in Winchester gave my mother this creche he’d made- it has stained glass insets, and a light inside. When I was in high school I made a bunch of ceramic figures: the holy family, the wise men. Now they’ve been joined by some assorted Egyptian and other gods, but they don’t seem to mind.

Before Thanksgiving the library calls and we get a wreath from them (we’re supposed to pick it up Thanksgiving weekend). The wreath is usually the first decoration to go up. These days I often get an extra one to hang in my room just to make it smell good!

Ælfwine supported me in my holiday fervor, but insisted that I not bring out the decorations, records and holiday plates and tablecloths until December 1st. At that point he was OK with it.

More precious to me than the creche is the ceramic XMAS set my grandmother made (at the same time she made the little caroler girl and boy). We always had them on the mantle or the shelves (when Santa’s sleigh took pride of place). In theory they are candle holders, and for some years they had red candles in them, but we were never able to find the right size again, so now they are just ornaments.


I hope I find a picture of the black wire sleigh and reindeer. Usually there was a candle santa in it, and the sleigh was full of Christmas balls. They were candle holders too as I recall.

When I was little we had lots of little candles shaped like Santa and trees and angels. I don’t know if they were ever burned before they were uncleanably dusty. It’s also kind of creepy watching Santa or an angels head melt. What were they thinking?

Everything gets decorated.everything gets decorated


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