Art, Magic and Religion: Sacred Images

Art, Magic and Religion: Sacred Images mycenean goddess

Most cultures created images to enhance their practices- from voodoo dolls and ex votos to icons and idols, sacred images, from Michaelangelo painting the Systine Chapel to Inuit carving fetishes, people have used images to create tangible links to the intangible world. We will examine historical practices and modern pagan adaptations and innovations.


Paleolithic: Art is what makes humans human,

cave paintings & Venus statuettes

Thom_Atkinson_votiveAncient: Sculpture and Painting

Theater and Music- Greece

Function: How images work

links: images to teach, images to house spirits

Muses: How the other speaks to us through and about art

symbolism, color, numbers, images


Cult statues Icons and votive offerings in Rome, Britain, Christian cults

How to use art in the modern world

Listening to and channeling the gods, sacred space

Using votifs the old way

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