Classes available, listed by subject

Class List by subject: (click subject for descriptions (sorry not all installed yet))

      Soothsaying and Divination

Soothsaying Ethics

Methods of Sortilage

Malleable Future, the

Why Soothsaying?

Aeromancy to Xylomancy- an  overview of divinaory methods

History of Soothsaying

The Role of the Soothsayer in the Community

Introduction to Tarot

Making your own Tarot Deck

Some new spreads & designing your own

Tarot combinations

Introduction to the Runes

Making your own Rune Staves

Runic Diagnosis

Anglo-Saxon Runes

The Havamal Rune Query as a guide for Rune Use

Rune Magick

Introduction to Palmistry

Unusual marks on the palms

Fingerprints and other Dermatoglyphics

Runic Palmistry

Palmistry for Fortune Telling

Palmistry and Character

Palmistry and Health

Palm Therapy

Introduction to Numerology

More advanced Numerology

Dreams and Omens

Dream Interpretation- many ways

Divination without special tools

Chocolate (and Seed) Casting

Subtle I don’t mind, obscure is irritating!

Unified Field theory of Divination


Medicinal Herbs

Magical Herbs

Planning your first herb garden

Herbalism for Kids

Anglo-Saxon Herbs

Healing without Tools

Reiki (I & II)

RunValdr (healing and other work with tools)

Advanced RunValdr

(Weekend RunValdr Workshop)


Introduction to Huna Healing

Huna Healing techniques

Crystal Healing

Making your jewelry work for you

Seashell Crystal healing

Healing for Parents

How to Heal from a Cold

The War on Cancer

Color Therapy

Exploring EFT

Psychic Shields and Basic Energy Techniques

      Pagan/Magickal Studies


Art, Magic and Religion: Sacred Images

History of Paganism and Witchcraft- the classical period

History of Paganism and Witchcraft- the conversions

History of Paganism and Witchcraft- the Inquisition and Burning times

History of Paganism and Witchcraft- the 19th century revival

History of Paganism and Witchcraft- the modern period

The Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons

The Early Repression of Paganism (1st millennium)

“I’m not a Witch!” non-wiiccan neo-paganisms

Perceptions of Witchcraft

Magick without Tools

Effects of popular Stones

Ethics of Magick

Cunning Folk

Period Pagan Practices

Pagan Diversity

Image Magick

Love Spells, how they work and why you shouldn’t

Thaumaturgy vs. Theurgy

Practicing Magick- it’s how we get better

Energy practice and exercises

Evil Eye, the

Family Traditions- creating your own

Dealing with Pagan Parents and Children

In or Out of the Closet? DCYS, work, etc.

Fluffy Bunnies vs. Demon Worshipping Maniacs


Grounding Modern Practice in History

Seven Huna Principles

Feasting the Dead

Winter Festivals

Preparation for Death for the Modern Practitioner


Feast and Fast- balancing spiritual celebrations

Food and Holidays, the connection

Kitchen Witchery

Halloween Traditions

Votive Offerings

Sabbat Cooking for the Allergic

Food Magick/Magickal Cooking

Basic Bread Making

Pie Crusts (strong or flakey on purpose)

Brewing Mead demystified

Cheap Feasts

Traditional Small Cakes

Syrups and teas (cheap drinks)

      How To:

Basic Embroidery

Making your own Robes

Making your own BOS

Wandmaking (for Children) Olivander’s Style

Candle making

Soap making

How to Dress out a small animal

Working with Fur

Starting a fire with flint and steel


Divine Cookies

Rune Magick for Children

The New England Pagan Peasant Tradition

Brownies, Fairies and Ghosts, Oh My!

Teaching Your Kids to Deal with Fairies

Ghosts, fairies, pixies and other intangible folk

Hard Choices- saying “No”

Riddle of the Sphinx (issues of aging)

Invisible Friends- when should you worry?

Introduction to Northern European Paganism/Heathenry

Non-Violence and Paganism

Earth Stewardship- beginning steps

All Holidays are Local

History/      SCA

6th c. Plague (Plague of Justinian)

7th c Mercia, the Context of the Staffordshire Horde

Anglo-Saxon Accessories

Anglo-Saxon Amulets

Anglo-Saxon Art

Anglo-Saxon Children

Anglo-Saxon Cooking

Anglo-Saxon Context

Anglo-Saxon Conversion, the

Anglo-Saxon Dress

Anglo-Saxon Embellishments

Anglo-Saxon England (w/maps)

Anglo-Saxon Food

Anglo-Saxon Funeral Practices

Anglo-Saxon Garb

Anglo-Saxon Herbs

Anglo-Saxon Herbal Charms

Anglo-Saxon Housing

Early Anglo-Saxon Jewelry

Anglo-Saxon Leechcraft

Anglo-Saxon Literature

Anglo-Saxon Magick

Anglo-Saxon Medicine

Anglo-Saxon Miscellany

Early Anglo-Saxon Pottery

Early Anglo-Saxon Religion

Anglo-Saxon Runes

Anglo-Saxon Sex

Anglo-Saxon Slavery

Anglo-Saxon Warriors

Anglo-Saxon Women

Ælflæd, Lady of Mercia

The Carolingian Capitularies

Anglo-Saxon Cwen 7 Hlafdige

The Age of Migrations (with maps)

Portraiture through SCA period

How to Dress Like a Prostitute in Period

High Magick in the Middle Ages

Low Magick in the Middle Ages

Medieval Medicine

Rats and the Plauge

Trade Fairs

Witchcraft and the Inquisition (really gross- the only one from which I’d keep kids kids out)

Adapting Period Art for SCA Scrolls

Campfire cookery

Baking over a campfire

Choosing fabrics for your garb

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