Where I’ll be when

where I’m going to be: (and what I’m going to be teaching) I do apologize for not keeping this updated better. (I see I haven’t updated in 4 years, oops!)

You can always contact me by email Tchipakkan@tds.net or on my facebook page if you need updated information.



24-26 Marketday at Birka Soothsayer’s Guild Meeing


7 – 9 Feast of Lights EarthSpirit  Sturbridge, Massachusetts
3:30 – 5pm RúnValdr on Friday
9:30-11 Sacred Food Saturday
10-11:30 Sacred Compost Sunday

14-16 NH Mensa Regional Gathering Portsmouth NH

“Roaring 20s at the End of the Universe”

Weirding 20s 12:45 pm ­ 1:45 pm Cedar

 Introduction to Dowsing 3:30 pm ­ 4:30 pm Badger
Dowsing is a way for the subconscious to speak through the body to tell you things you don’t realize that you know. Most think of dowsing as a way to find underground water and minerals, but it can also diagnose illness, find lost items, or figure out whether there’s something you’re allergic to in a dish. We’ll play with L rods, pendulum, bobbers, and even dowsing with no tools. A useful tool for everyone.

From table­ tipping to divination with Ma Jong tiles, from secret magical societies to Carney hucksters, Americans in the 20s were as fascinated by the occult as we are a hundred years later. Nearly every generation has a new New Age, “rediscovering” that people are psychic and magick works. Let’s look at some of the things they did, how some continued and evolved, and others passed out of use, often to re­emerge in a new form for a new generation.


Hosted by Shire of Caer Adamant – Wilmington, DE


7 Mimir’s Well.   Schola, hosted by Mountain Freehold, Jerico VT

Grain Casting Divination

27-29 Mithracon



4/30 – 5/3 Fertile Ground Gathering Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, Virginia

22-25 Panteria

Grain Casting Divination


3-7 ASD Conference Plymouth State University, 17 High St, Plymouth, NH

19-21  Palio Di Stonemarche (Golden Sword Tourney)

DSC01443 July

9-12 Great Northeastern War Hebron ME

24-31  Pennsic War XLIX  Slippery Rock PA


1-9 Pennsic War XLIX  Slippery Rock PA

(25-30 Hoping for East Coast Thing )


(Harpers usually Labor Day Weekend

Lots of Pagan Pride Days:

12 SNHPPD (Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride Day) 2nd Saturday

12 WMAPPD Western Mass Pagan Pride Day, Northampton MA 3rd Sunday ? oops, conflict! Will let you know!

13 SEMPPD (South Eastern Mass Pagan Pride Day Ted Williams Camp Fall River MA 2nd Sun

20 EMPPD Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day Winnikenni Castle, Haverhill MA

? NOMEPPD Northern Maine Pagan Pride Caribou ME 3rd Sat?

? SOMEPPD Southern ME Portland ME? usually in August

? RIPPD Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day 3rd weekend

? VTPPD Green Mountain Pagan Pride Day

White Mountain Pagan Pride Day (Northern NH)?


Celebrate Samhain Nashua NH usually 3rd weekend


Changing Times-Changing Worlds Conference 1st or 2nd weekend




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