Booklets from my classes

I really enjoy going to the workshops in the SCA and at metaphysical events, and teaching what I’ve learned as well.

I also like to give out notes to go along with the workshops I do. Sometimes I keep putting in fascinating bits, and it runs more than two or three pages (sometimes over 30). I do charge for these at events, but mostly to cover printing costs. Feel free to download these for your own use, credit me if you are going to reuse something, and certainly let me know if I’ve made any mistakes! 
I’m going to try to find and post all of my handouts, and as many of the booklets as I can. (If you have copies of old handouts I haven’t posted, I’ve probably lost them in one computer crash or other, and would love to get a replacement copy if you can send it to me.

I probably won’t get to it often, but if I find a mistake, I hope to correct it here- so these pages may not exactly match old handouts. I HOPE they are more correct.

Someday (in my “copious free time”) I would like to go back and edit the old handouts, correct whatever mistakes I can find, and properly footnote them. I am so sorry I haven’t been doing that from the beginning! People asking me which bit came from which source, and not being able to remember has taught me why one uses footnotes, not just a bibliography.

On images:

Handing out a dozen educational flyers is different than posting something on the internet, so when I post my handouts here, there are often missing images. If you are interested in the images, get in touch and I’ll see about finding the images for you if they don’t belong to anyone else. If I’ve posted something I don’t have rights to- I’ll take it down right away.

Anglo-Saxon Art

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