Huns & Avars AS Context

Huns & Avars    The Anglo-Saxon Context

Hlafdige Arastorm aka Tchipakkan mka Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor ©2015

Attila Quinn

The Migration age was probably spurred by the entrance of the Huns into Europe, although what may have motivated them is still speculation, as is their possible identification with the Xionghnu, north of China.

Huns were nomadic herders, from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. They kept horses, cattle, goats and sheep. (and hunted) They were horse archers, first mentioned by Romans in the first century as Hunnoi, and living near the Caspian Sea. The moved toward the Caucases and in the 4th and 5th centuries dominated Europe. They seem to have been separate warbands, in many different ethnic groups. Their swords were straight, and a gilded bow was status symbol.


Key’s say that the Avars, who had driven the Huns out of Mongolia were pushed by the droughts and famines of 535-40 to move westward, pushing (and absorbing) the Slavs, who were living to the north of the Black Sea, with them. Having had an empire, the Avars asked for payoffs, but the Slavs just moved into Eastern Europe, and were dominated by the Avars. The Goths had migrated down from Scandinavia, to north of the black sea, then toward the Roman Empire. Gothic was the common tongue during the late Roman/ Migration Era.


Some dates:

380, a group of Huns was given Foederati status and allowed to settle in Pannonia.

395 huns attacked Thrace, Armenia, cappadocia, Syria, Antioch, Theodosius sent Eutropius against them, but

398 Huns had left the Eastern Roman Empire invadid Sassanid Empire, defeated.

437 Attila and Bleda gathered huns, got tribute from Rome 435 Bleda died 445

449 Romans agreed to 2100 pounds gold annual tribute, also tribute from Eastern empire.

453 Death of Attila

nInvasions_of_the_Roman_Empire_by user MapMester

map from wikipedia

image of Anthony Quinn as Attila because I haven’t seen a hat like that since the one Johny Depp wore in the Lone Ranger.

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