These are illustrations from my Yule cookbook.

I play in many areas of art, mostly when it’s about people. I’ve been doing portraits in oil, pastels, charcoal for about 40- 45 years, and miniatures in watercolors for about ten.

I enjoy doing 15 minute charcoal sketches of people. I feel like I “fall in love” with each person I draw a little- I love faces! I do not do caricatures (exaggerating a feature for comic effect), “what I see I draw”. I also don’t do houses. Oddly, I can’t draw a straight line, even with a ruler. (Backgrounds take me forever when I do illustrations or comics.) Sorry. But if you want a sketch of each person at your party, I can do that, and will do the 10-15 minute pictures for a flat hourly fee.


15 minute sketch


charcoal with highlights and color accents ~30 minutes


Colored pencil sketch, 30 minutes



basic 15 minute sketch with highlights

I paint book covers and do illustrations, and I’ve done one Tarot card in a mixed artists deck (the Giants Tarot).

I sculpt– mostly small altar images for the pagan community, as well as making cookie stamps.ceramics display w:orma,emts

I also try many other arts and crafts, the SCA encourages it- from calligraphy to knitting (I don’t do those professionally, so they’re mostly over under house and home). When I get the time I’ll share as much of that as I can.

This is one of my favorite Naif paintings- I’ve done several copies of early paintings, including this one “Baby in Red Chair” from the Smithsonian, to show how I can paint, but most of what I sell is portraits where I put modern peoples faces put into old style paintings to create “Instant Ancestors”.

Baby in red chair


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