Book Covers and illustration

Frey’s Saga

Back Cover for Frey's SagaThis is the back cover, (and part of the spine), and below is the front cover, with the full wrap around below that.Frey's Saga Front cover


Frey’s Saga

Frey's Saga cover

 Hammer of the Smith by Jane Sibley

This is the painting for the book “Hammer of the Smith“. As it was a wrap-around cover, I had to have spaces good for writing on on the spine, and back and front. In one incarnation I had the lower back showing a workbench with all the tools from the Mastermyr find on it- but then switched it to different types of coal so they could put the upc code in that section. The roof went through several incarnations as well- from thatch (in a blacksmith’s shop? unlikely!) to shingles, and finally to the twig covered with bark covered with turf I found references for in (I think) Iceland.The fourth wall would probably start just about where the bottom edge of the picture is- but one has to include everything.

Viking ship cover for Birka


This is the cover for a program booklet for the Market Day at Birka, an SCA event.The serpent on the sale was the design for the site token.



This is the Divine Thunderbolt for Jane Sibley.  I guess I’m still not thrilled with how the clouds came out. I had no idea how hard clouds are. Thor is playing with ball lightning, Zeus is using cloud to ground lightning, and I discovered that cloud to cloud lighting actually gives the inspiration for the “lighting whip” wielded by Marduk (and I threw in Indra in a back cloud).

Divine thunderbolt

Tarot Cards

This was the four of swords from the Jotun Tarot deck- it portrays Odin raising the Volva from her rest in Hel to pester her about the story of the world.4 of swords

I’ve also done portraits of people as Tarot Cards: fun and inexpensive, I sell them as color your own, or I’ll paint it for you.

CathyEmpress Starwolf Magician



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