Mothers and Fathers Collection

DSCN0771Having played with the modern Venus figures,DSCN0769 (first replicating the ancient images, then creating ones I thought modern women would relate to, then finally adding babies because it didn’t seem fair to have them pregnant forever without ever getting the baby at the end), I wanted to make images of pregnant women and mothers with their feet, and of course fathers, because they get just as mushy about their babies as the mothers do! They are shown nude because clothing so very much informs about culture, and I wanted these to be from any time or place. For the same reason I kept the faces as un-defined as I could, so that people could more easily project their own onto them, I did make sure that the fathers were (not like ken dolls) at least theoretically capable of generating children.




I don’t think there’s a mother out there who doesn’t recognize this one of stretching your back because it gets a bit sore full term!





This is a simple one with a mother kneeling, holding her baby in a nursing position.








This is a one of a father giving his baby a chance to learn balance and hold himself up. His hand is not touching the baby, but is there in case it’s needed.





This mother has a larger child and they are doing the “staring at each other’s faces” thing.






These two have me exploring pregnant women with cats- can you ever read a book without the cat wanting to sit on it?



In this one, the cat as decided that the belly is a cat shelf.

DSCN1268 DSCN1267




This one was done in three pieces, do they could be rearranged different ways, although mostly it was the toddler who’d be moved. The baby pretty much belongs in the crook of the mothers left arm. DSCN1261  The mother has to both protect the baby from the toddler, and help the active toddler keep amused but not hurt herself.



This is the familiar scene of the mother letting the older sibling feel the baby kick. DSCN1282





This was inspired by friends of mine who had twins. Having only had one at a time myself, I wonder how one can cope? One in each hand is hard enough when they are young and “portable”, but what about when they get bigger?  This one was bought by adult twins for their mother.



DSCN1272 DSCN1270



This one I called “Choke Daddy”. If you can see, the three year old’s full (bouncing) weight is being supported on the father’s larynx, while he is holding the infant (and spotting the older child).



Need I mention that this is something that fathers all over the world do all the time?





This is only a few of my mothers and fathers, but I kept forgetting to get pictures, and I’m a better sculptor than photographer.

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