Glass Jewels with Sew on settings

We COULD, in theory, put up our jewel inventory here, but it hardly seems worth it, since over twenty years of experience has shown us that people don’t want to buy them unless they can see them and touch them. Also we have 200 different sizes, shapes and colors, ranging from only one or two left to several gross.

The rounds we carry are generally 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, or 15mm, although we do have some 22mms. The ovals are mostly 10×12 or 12x18s. We also have some teardrop, rounded squares, rectangles and navettes. If there’s something you are looking for, call us and we’ll see what we’ve got.

What we will do is post pictures of specific jewels here when people want to see what they look like. Computers are notoriously difficult to convey color from my scanner to your monitor.  For example- the upper right stone is a brilliant red, and you really can’t tell that the purple stone below it is in a setting.

18x25mm cabs (3-27-14)

18x25mm cabs (3-27-14)

Aside from taking the colors on faith, you’d have to call and ask us how many of which color we have left. For example we have about a gross of the red, a half gross each of the lavender and “topaz”, and about 28 of the “amber/tortoise shell”, a dozen “jet”, 9 “amethyst”, and one lovely green I found after scanning the rest.

The center row are what I’d call moonstone, topaz, tea colored, and lavender- those all have foiled backs. The right row doesn’t have foil backs, and I call them “jet”, “amethyst”, and “amber or tortoise shell” (which are you looking for?). The non-backed ones really are good fakes, but the ones with foil backs (the red has a silver foil) look better on a piece of fabric.



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