Striped Stockings

I’ve been wearing long stockings since the eightiesDSC01058– I love the warmth and the look. I was thrilled a few years ago when The Basket Man started selling them at Pennsic. Suddenly instead of finding one pair every year or three, I could get a selection! Then it occurred to me that the striped stockings he was having made for the rendezvous market would probably go pretty darned well with the pagans (ever since the Wizard of Oz, “everyone knows” witches wear striped stockings), and Renn Fairies (especially the pirates and fairies). So I asked him if he would wholesale them to us, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We started out with about ten color combinations, and by adding a few every time we restock have gotten up to sometimes having over 50 color combinations.socks (currently, we have 94, but many of those we only have two or three of, so that won’t last past Pagan Pride Days.) That’s why we roll them and tie them with ribbons. We can fit fifty plus rolls on the table, otherwise you’d have to two or three gross of loose socks looking for a color you liked.DSC01499

Sadly, we often can’t get the colors we want (there never seem to be enough purple and black). But we try to maintain a good supply- mostly striped in black and some color, white and a color, but also, whenever we can get them, in “eye bleeding” combinations. They are one size fits most- and a few years ago The Basket Man started offering some in children’s sizes, and a few in larger sizes. I think they are from a different manufacturer, because the big ones don’t have the lovely colors, they tend to be more muted, and are usually fuzzy instead of the smooth cotton most are. Email me at with any questions.

We sell them for $11 a pair, or two pair for $20, or 3 or more pair for $9@. The big ones are $15 a pair. Children’s $8. We will mail them, but you have to call and find out what’s in stock because it comes and goes.

These pictures of what we had right after Pennsic.  You can ask if there’s a color combination you are hoping to find.

larger socks

larger size

new stockings

new stockings


new stockings

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