1-24-2007 OK to be Different Month

Hi- I’m going to see if I can switch over to writing on Wednesdays. Mondays are both weekdays and yet they also have hangover from weekends- especially when we have long weekends. Also Wednesdays are sacred to Wotan or Mercury, gods of communication, and that’s what the letters are about. Communication. A way to not lose touch with old friends even though we don’t see each other very often anymore.

Of course, there will be some weeks where not much has happened. It’s like dinner. I understand that very few families actually eat dinner together anymore. Of course, even though we do, we don’t have much to talk about. “What did you do today?” Gets kind of dull when no one leaves the house. We all know pretty much what each other has done all day. Sometimes we did it together.

Star and Willow spent part of the day bringing in wood from the tree that fell in the goat yard. Friday we all scrambled together when a waterfall appeared in the back hall. A joint gave in the sink in the studio. It happened last January too, I think, but I thought the water to the studio was turned off. Guess not. We’d allowed a lot of trash to build up in the back hall, so we had to move a lot of it to the van very quickly, as soon as we did get the water turned off. I asked Megan what she did about the pipes going to an unheated section of the house, and she told me she’d had a little heater in there. Ah ha! Me, I work down by the woodstove.

The kids took the full van to the dump Saturday, and I meant to take another load on Sunday, but got distracted- and it’s only open until noon. For goodness sakes, why not be open all day on the weekends? Sunday afternoon Travis, Marie and little Alex came over. We are hoping that we’ll be able to get another game going.

Monday Willow went over to visit with Avi and Trevor. And Kat finished her AMV. This is where the artist takes clips from an animated movie or show and edits them to a piece of music- in this case, bits of Howls Moving Castle to Holiday. The hard part is getting places where there is movement- especially lip movement- to match the song, or words being sung. I was impressed, and Kat’s enjoyed doing it.

This week we’re working on sorting the receipts to do the taxes, so Kat can apply for financial aide. BOR-ing! Has to be done though. Megan’s given me tips about organizing the receipts.

We’ve got a rat in the keeping room. I saw it a week ago, and put out rat poison, but it’s still around, so I’ll have to try the old fashioned back-breaking rat traps. It’s a pity, it’s quite attractive- tan, with a white belly. And it hasn’t touched anything I’ve found yet except a box of rice- not apples, or boxes or anything else I’ve found. Still, we wash everything that comes out of there before we eat it, and are going to kill it if we can. If it were someone’s pet rat, I’m sure it would be smart and affectionate, but it’s wild and living in my pantry, so it must die. What a world.

In the evenings I’ve watched the TV and knit. I finished up the third 6 foot section of my pattern sampler and started the fourth. When I’ve got five I’ll sew them into a couch blanket- and I see no reason not to keep adding panels as I collect more.

I’m still reading that book about Depression from the library- it’s incredibly focused on drugs, but I figure it’s useful information which I’d want to have if we decide to try that option. I think I’ll re-read Potatoes not Prozak this week (always try what’s safer first). The movies I watched this week included Planes, Trains and Automobiles- a broad and far too predictable comedy, and Air Force One which was much better. Looks like President Bush thinks he’s Harrison Ford in that movie. I tried to watch the State of the Union address, but it was too depressing. I would have ended up yelling at the screen, and that’s pointless. There was another movie we got from the library: The Sweet Hereafter, which looks like it was probably a good book, but was far too deep and convoluted for a movie. Even after watching it, I didn’t get a lot of it until I watched the special features with the director and author discussing it. That type of thing should be an extra, not a requirement. The point behind a book or movie should be the story, and you should be able to follow it. It made me happy I hadn’t even paid the buck or so per movie we send Netflix, but had gotten it from the library. We got the Third X-men movie from Netflix, and it was an OK adventure, but I love being able to watch them once and send them back. Sometimes I think they are just too into their special effects. The point behind science fiction is that you are able to set up “what if?” scenarios and explore them without having the restriction of the audience saying, “but that couldn’t/wouldn’t happen”. Not that that doesn’t happen in “believable” fiction anyway. I frequently bump into occasions where I can’t imagine that not only are people supposed to accept that someone reacted the way a character did, but it’s supposed to be a normal response. I’m pretty sure I don’t think the way the average person does- although I hope my responses are “normal” anyway (average and normal not being synonymous).

Avi and Trevor have loaned us their first season of Lost, which I’ve always wanted to see, but apparently it requires that you actually don’t do anything but watch it or you’ll miss important plot points. I find that so difficult (when cooking, cleaning or sorting papers, I like to have something on to listen to while I work, but watching too?). We’ve watched some TV- ever notice the spot for depression? “Where does depression hurt? Everywhere. Who does depression hurt? Everyone.” Ever noticed that when they say that, the camera looks at the sad looking dog? When it comes on, we chime in: “Who does depression hurt? Your DOG! Take drugs you jerk!” A masterful piece of motivation- people who are depressed might just put up with hurting, but you can probably still guilt them into doing something so their dog won’t be miserable. I miss dogs. Of course, cats are OK too, but since it’s gotten cold I have been keeping the west wing (where I sleep) closed off to avoid wasting heat. (I sleep well in 40 degrees between my wonderful featherbeds.) So the cats can’t come in and sleep with me. When they do I complain about them trying to sleep on my face, but I do miss the company.

Well, THAT shows how little I have to write about this week.



“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.”

Norman R. Augustine

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