10-19-2007 Sweetest Day

I don’t know if I mentioned that Willow and Kat were sick last week, I must have been jealous of the (nearly non-existent) attention they were getting because I got it this week. I spent all week in bed, on the couch or sitting in the kitchen staring at the boob-tube. I’d get up to make tea (I was aiming at one to two gallons of tea and soup a day) and for a while that was enough to make me feel unstable. But I’m feeling better now. Not a hundred percent, and I have to admit that I’m not thinking at full speed. The cold progressed as usual- nose to throat to chest, and I am feeling much better today, although still blowing my nose and not feeling at full strength. Sorry, that was over-sharing wasn’t it?
This is just a quick note to let you know we’re OK. As I type Star is loading the car for our last weekend down at the Renn Faire. This weekend we have opted to stay at a hotel, which will cut into our profits, but will probably be good for our overall health(s). Kat and Willow still aren’t totally recovered.

Today is Evaluate Your Life Day also Change your Life Day. Not sure I’m really up to that yet. Sunday is Make a Difference Day- it’s also Babbling Day, which is more my speed just now. Monday is National Nut Day, I think I can handle that. And the 23ed is The Feast of Fools- which feast of fools? There are so many! It’s also the day the swallow’s leave Capistrano- but who cares about that?

The big news this week is that Wally and his guys were up banging on the roof (which is why I wasn’t in my bedroom- it was a little too close), and it should now be all better- no more leaks. During the winter (after he fixes the sill, we’ll have him in to fix the ceilings that were damaged and I’ll have a nice house again. Yay.

Last weekend we were at the Fair and did pretty well, although Willow was pushing it. Not as many commissions for me last weekend as the weekend before, but we sold lots of socks. The new order arrived about five minutes before we left, and that was good. And we have a new batch of the little papers for the credit card machine.

We had another problem with the breaker on the circuit with the goat fence and freezer #3. Star moved as much food as he could to freezer #2, and then plugged it into a different outlet. The electrician will come in Monday and replace it.

We watched a couple of movies (besides zombie movies, which I’m not going to bother counting anymore- although I thought Return of the Living Dead was pretty funny- as it was meant to be. Kat was offended because the zombies didn’t follow usual zombie rules, they were too fast and could think. I thought it was pretty funny when after eating the cops brains they got on the radio and said “send more cops”.). But we also watched The Devil Wears Prada, which was a pretty standard movie about someone getting caught up in the expectations of those around her and then coming to her senses. I also watched Epic Movie, which was a send up of all the fantasy movies recently. The kids all refused to watch it because it was too sophomoric, and I won’t lie, it was mostly sex and toilet humor, but it was kind of fun watching them weirdly combine the DaVinci code, the X men, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Harry Potter movies, Narnia, and (oh yes, Willy Wonka). Stupid and silly, but occasionally funny. And Star, who was unwilling to watch it is enjoying another Scooby-Doo movie, while the girls seem to enjoy the Resident Evil movies- (zombie), which appears to be a plot grafted onto a popular video game. I guess it takes all kinds.

I didn’t read as much as one always imagines one will when they have a sick day- I kept falling asleep. Frustrated the heck out of Star when I fell asleep watching a video and had to watch it over and over. Too bad on him. I’ve been reading books on Tarot, spiritualism, and healing, but can’t focus enough to remember titles. I’m sure my retention stinks. I’m pretty sure I read a fiction book too, but can’t remember, sigh.

Given my lack of brain, and that we are trying to get out, I’ll sign off. I’m doing better and expect to be just fine by the end of the weekend. Maybe next week I’ll send some pictures of me in my new bodice. Don’t remember if we took any last weekend.
Oh- I did some knitting. It was cold last weekend, so we got more fingerless mitts so we could keep working comfortably from the lady who dyes wool and knits, and Willow complimented how she could do a pair a day, so I had to prove that I could do that too. Mine were patterned (what can I say, I’m a show-off?). And I did some more terra cotta sculptures, although I didn’t get to firing them. Oh well, we’ll have them for Samhain and Darkover.

Travis and Marie and Alex came by. Honour called, and is thinking of moving back here if we can find some land in Lyndeboro for her. Steve would have come up for his birthday if we’d been well enough. Last weekend was that week that used to be so incredible: Steve’s, Aelfwine’s, Alex’s, my Grandmother’s, all one right after another. It used to be too much cake. It would have been nice to have Steve come up. Next week.

Hey- I bet Megan and Dennis will be back next week!
’til then. All wishes for good health will be welcome!

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. –Albert Einstein

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