10-19-2016 Unity Day!

ed-huot-fall-picOK, I was wrong, looks like this week is “peak color”. IT is gorgeous out, and I wish I knew where I’d put my camera! Even yesterday when it was all grey and misty (even in daytime the cars and houses grayed out if you were more than 100 feet away- but the trees were still brilliant! (A fb friend- Ed Huot has some great pictures, so I borrowed one of his.) We are getting sporadic individual blooms in the garden- nasturtium, asters, morning glories. Packing for the weekend shows I got as far as the barn and suddenly remembered the flowers from Pennsic that had been unloaded and forgotten.

In many ways we are still doing post Pennsic recovery.

My health is improving well. Last week Paul, the acupuncturist, told me I should be taking 6-9 of the herbal formula where I’d been taking 6, and switching to the full dose really helped. That one was for restoring my strength and energy after the Lyme and antibiotics. I have much more energy (not quite where I want to be yet), and this week I’ve cooked, done dishes, and even carried the 5 gallon water barrels. Now I’m done  that formula, we are trying another that is aimed at the Bell’s Palsy. I’m also adding hypnosis. I am SO ready to be done with this!

Wally came over on Monday and looked at the spring head and cistern. He suggested that if we got a long handled shovel and dug out the mud and roots at the bottom, it might start flowing again. It could be clogged. I’m wondering if the ground water flows have been disrupted by them cutting down the orchards above us (have they started putting in foundations and septic systems yet?). I hope it will help, but don’t feel up to doing it personally. Wally’s going to try to find someone who we can hire since he’s busy this week.

This weekend we had two shows: Another Anime Con and Celebrate Samhain. We missed deadlines and applied to the wait lists- and got accepted to both. I don’t do the anime cons, but I do better with some support. I asked on fb and Kim Snowhawk Hart offered to help, and was there when I arrived at 9. This year Celebrate Samhain moved from Peterboro, where it’s been held the last 10 years or so, and over to Nashua- at the hotel where Magical Marketplace was held. CS is a one day event, but AAC is a whole weekend event, and the organizers instructed the artists to check in between 10 and 2 on Friday.
Sadly, Willow’s car was still at Winkles, so we couldn’t pick it up and pack it Thursday. Willow and I explored lots of plans including driving their stuff up to Manchester then coming down after it closed, somehow getting her back or picking up her car later, so I could have mine to take the jewelry and socks to Nashua. The part came in and Steve said he’d have it ready by noon, so John and I dashed out to get water before going for the car. While we were out, the school called, they were unable to get hold of either Avi or Trevor, so Willow was the next name on the list, and Cailin needed picking up, so we dashed off and got him. We got in touch with Avi and delivered her kid, but got to the garage 20 minutes into lunch hour, and no one was there. Gary, the owner, left his lunch to release Willow’s car, and I was able to go back home (gassing my car and getting change for the second cash box). I missed the girls though. I don’t think they quite made being all set up by two, but apparently it worked out OK. They got to share a room in the hotel with their friends, and seem to have had a good time. I was disappointed because Willow’s wig didn’t come in time, so they didn’t take any pictures of the group. Also, since they all work on Artists Alley, they get up and are working at 9, and by the time it closes, are ready to go eat and go to bed, so they didn’t get together for a photo op. We are hoping they’ll get one at Halloween, which they are planning on spending together.
Another issue is one in the fandom community about whether it’s appropriate for someone to cos-play someone of a different race. I figure that it’s a fan dressing up as a favorite character, and “who cares?” (there’s also a similar issue of whether you need to match your character’s body type. I recon that if a kid can play an adult, a tall/thin/short/fat/whatever person can play whoever they want to. I think it’s just that some jerks only want to see someone in a “slave girl Leia” or Wonder Woman outfit if they can put it in their “spank bank”, and that’s their problem!) But if a picture of a white woman playing a black woman appears on the internet, apparently it’s open season for every jerk with an attitude, and Willow doesn’t want to deal with it. I can really see that. I have no idea why the internet seems to bring out the rudeness in people.
I think contributing factors are the modern problem where people mistake being nasty for being witty. Admittedly very clever people like Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain managed to say some incredibly nasty things wittily, but somewhere along the way, people seem to have missed the witty part and now think saying nasty things is humorous. That combined with the modern confusion over whether if something bothers you you have a right to be offended versus you have a right to jump down their throats, and the current passion for making sure that everyone knows what you consider offensive (because it can be personal), it’s almost impossible to not offend anyone on line these days. I’ve seen a half dozen of my friends say that they’re quitting face book (“reach me some other way if you need to”) until after the election. I am SO with them on that! Especially given that fb sorts for people who share the same views, so passing around posters and articles explaining  ‘this is why you shouldn’t vote for the other party’s candidate’ is pointless, because it’s not going to reach anyone who would be voting for them. But those anti-whoever memes outnumber cute kittens these days! I wish fb would let us filter out “politics” if we want to, but they only let you block people or specific sites. And yet they filter generically things they think everyone dislikes- like boobs (no nursing mothers!). It’s all so frustrating.
celebrate-samhain-nashua    Anyway, I got up on Saturday and was there at 9. A lovely young lady (I think named Jennifer- I’d never met her) helped carry in my stuff, and she and Kim helped set up- including our very confusing garment rack. Because Kim was there I was able to take bathroom breaks, although I didn’t risk wandering around because I wasn’t sure if my energy would hold out the whole day. As it went, it did, although I won’t know whether it’s because I was careful or not. They and Rob and Deb helped us break down at 5, and we were all packed into the car at 5:37! That’s pretty fast. I was able to leave before sunset (I avoid driving after dark when I can).
mermaid-cs Lot’s of people came by and said hi, so I didn’t feel like I missed too many people. Some I saw walking past I’d liked to have talked to and hugged, but you can’t catch them all!  Across from us was a lady who was selling art- almost all pictures of mermaids- with a twist: Death with his sickle, or the Corpse Bride, or some other character. And she was wearing an amazing costume with a skeletal mermaid tail, and day of the dead mask! I loved her work and suggested that I would have expected her to be up at AAC. Her friend said “that’s what I keep telling her!” Then I looked at her friends stuff- mostly crocheted things- including snitchs- filled with catnip. I bought the cats a yule present (don’t tell them) it’s an entire Quiddich set- all full of catnip: bludgers, Quaffle, snitch and all. I think between the catnip and their youth the cats will play with them, and I hope to get good pictures, although I doubt we’ll put up goals. After all, they should mostly stay on the ground!

Steve Raskind’s birthday was the 13th, but he couldn’t make it up until Sunday, so I gave him a dinner, and the girls got home in time for cake. Speaking of food, I’ve been trying to make a “favorite” dish for each person- fish strips and fries for Kat, Cottage Pie for John, and yesterday I made gumbo for me. I think it was the best gumbo I’ve made so far- one of these days I’m going to have to pick up some file powder- or dry some leaves from local sassafras trees. It’s not like I’d need much! It may be because I took the recipe and doubled the onions and garlic.

Willow’s been reading the Phryne Fisher books, and I have read Murder on the Orient Express, and have ordered other Agatha Christies from the Library. Kat shared with me a humorous series on you-tube Edgar Allen Poe’s dinner party. He’s invited lots of writers, from Agatha Christie, to Emily Bronte, to H.G.Wells to a “murder mystery dinner”, and it’s amusing. Jeanne suggested on FB that she’d just watched The Way, on Netflix, and I watched it. It was a charming movie, although I wasn’t quite sure why it was supposed to be a tear jerker. It was about family. I loved that the one night the pilgrims decided to stay at a nice hotel instead of the hostels, they ended up getting together in the hotel because they’d become used to having people around. I love having people around, and really relate to the idea that what’s the point of eating if you haven’t got people to share the food. I think of the hypnosis sessions I’m doing are like the Way, you don’t know what’s going to happen, but you have faith something is going to happen.

I’ve started reading a couple of books on healing: Curing and Healing, which is about the different attitudes across many cultures across the world. Spirituality and Patient Care is a small book describing the where, when, how and why spirituality should be taken into account in the Doctor Patient relationship. I’m also really enjoying the book Daily Life in the United States, 1940-1959: Shifting Worlds. I figured I should know a bit more about my roots. I’m now thinking of trying the one that covers 1960-1990. I don’t expect I was aware of a lot of what was going on. I knew only what my parents told me about the Depression and the War. Apparently my grandfather would never say FDR, he was always “that man in the White House”. Given that the rich were being heavily taxed to pay for the New Deal, that would explain his hostility. Dad never spoke about the war. Possibly because he only ever loaded planes, or possibly he just kept a bunch of stuff to himself. I’ve read all the 40s part and am now reading the 50s. In fiction I’m reading Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box, the book on which the movie was (loosely) based. A friend has seen and recommended Miss Peregrin movie, and I’m looking forward to it, but sometimes the books are better and sometimes the movies are. I have to say that while I admire and appreciate some of the ingenious special effects from when I was young- and even before, these days it’s really hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Today I saw a film of Clinton and Trump dancing into a debate. It really looked like them, but obviously they wouldn’t do that. People are simply really good at faking stuff. (No wonder everyone is cynical about everything!)
I have to go now. Until next week, hope you get to enjoy the gorgeous fall, and have no major problems with which to deal.


The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.

celebrate-samhain-kim-and-i This is me at Celebrate Samhain trying to push my face into shape. I saw Ed pointing the camera and tried to push my right side of my face up so it would match the smiling left, but apparently he clicked before or after I pushed up. I really hate looking so unbalanced, but everyone was kind enough to tell me I looked great. Since I still haven’t located my camera, all the pictures this week are from Ed’s fb page.