10-26-2016 Howl at the Moon Night

Just for fun I thought I’d share the upcoming Samhain holidays:
October 25th was Black Cat Day,
October 26  is Pumpkin Day, Jack o lantern Day, Howl at the Moon Night
October 27 is  Wicked Witch Day,
October 28  is Bring Your Jack-O-Lantern to Work Day, Ghost Busters Day,
October 29  is National Disgusting Little Pumpkin-Shaped Candies Day, Dracula Bites Day, National Frankenstein Day, Try On Your Halloween Costume Early Day,
October 30  is Mischief Night/ Devil’s Night/ Hell Night/Cabbage Night/ Gate Night, Mizzy Night/ Miggy Night/Tick-Tack Night/Corn Night/Trick Night/Arson / Cabbage/ Gate/ Goosing Night/ Egg Nyte, in other words- the night before Halloween. It’s also National Candy Corn Day, Buy-A-Doughnut Day,  and Haunted Refrigerator Day, the last Sunday of October is Visit a Cemetery Day,
October 31 is National Caramel Apple Day, Carve a Pumpkin Day, Halloween, Alllantide, Allan Apple Day, All Hallows Eve, Apple & Candle Night, Beggar’s Night, Books for Treats Day, Crack Nut night/Nut-Crack Night, Hallowmas, UNICEF Day, Scare a Friend Day, Increase Your Psychic Powers Day, & National Magic Day and Sneak Some of the Candy Yourself Before the Kids Start Knocking Day,
Oh we sure do love our Halloween celebrations. (The girls picked up a pumpkin today!)

dsc02641   It’s getting colder at night, and most of the brightest colored leaves are fallen, so it’s not as bright as it was last week, but it’s still pretty gorgeous. My best news is that I found my camera, so I can share my images. It was in my sewing basket (time to recharge the battery), and finally uploading it, the pictures were from Pennsic. (I’ll share a couple since I didn’t have the opportunity to share them then.)

It’s getting colder at night, and I’m thinking of shutting the window of my bedroom. Last week we closed the bathroom windows (we’ve been keeping them open since we aren’t flushing all the time and keeping the doors closed). Another not-since-Pennsic thing we discovered were the plants we’d put up around the class tent; I don’t think you can see the rose bush, but it looks like it’s about to put out a final bloom or two. We’re going to have to get that protected for the winter. Willow pulled up (harvested) some burdock from the yard. Great roots- I need to chop them before they become, as burdock does, hard as rock.

We still haven’t gotten the plumbing active again, although there was good rain last week and the spring head looks like it’s recovering a bit. I wonder if the line is clogged, and if so, how to clear it. It’s rather too far to drag the compressor up to try to blow it out.

dsc02630    The big excitement this weekend was Ekke and Sarah’s wedding. It was Sunday, so we had Saturday to finish our outfits. They invited people to come in late 18th c. garb to match theirs, or in SCA garb, or any period they liked. It’s a “Time Traveling” theme. There were people in outfits right up to the 60s. The food was pot luck (augmented by deli trays, which they shouldn’t have done because I’m sure there were tons of leftovers!). I think Sarah said she’d made over 150 cupcakes (to “share” the reasonable sized dsc02640wedding cake. So we took 4 home to share later. We brought unpasteurized cider from Fitch’s,  as it’s hard to get these days, and we’ve learned that there is never enough to drink at potlucks. Only this time there seems to have been plenty- spiked and non spiked punch, and tons of soft drinks, and champagne, and home brewed stuff. As with most pot-lucks recently most things came with ingredient lists so people would know what was safe to eat even if they have allergies. There was a whole section of gluten free goodies. (I meant to get a picture of the buffet, but didn’t. Suffice to say that it went around a corner and filled two walls.)
me-at-ekkes-wedding  I was surprised and pleased to discover that I still fit into the old “post period” outfit I’d made 20 years or so ago. (OK, I did have to loosen the lacings an inch.) I can’t remember why I made it- I know I wore it down to Plymoth Plantation with  Ælfwine, but can’t remember when I made it. I had been about to make up a new outfit from a pattern when she found it. It was a lot easier to darn a couple of moth holes than to make a whole new outfit. It’s hard to find a picture of me wearing it since I duck most cameras- my face is still very crooked from the Bells Palsy and I can’t smile right.) The lovely green wool skirt and jacket were augmented by Willow making me a new apron (the old one was quite stained, and a new cap and fichu (a small triangular shawl, worn around a woman’s shoulders and neck). But people like me so much that they don’t seem to care about my face. I still think I look terribly grim, and look forward to being able to smile again.dsc02635
The girls, on the other hand, looked magnificent! (although I think the word we heard the most often was charming) They had opted to go Regency. They both had dresses of aproximately the right style already. Kat made a Spencer jacket, and they both trimmed bonnets. They even had appropriate shoes, and Willow found a wool wrap that matched and probably saved her from the October chill.
It was a lovely weekend together. We stayed at the Schooner Bay Motor Inn. It was inexpensive, yet gorgeous. When we arrived (at 8) they owners were out, but had left the key (a real, metal key) in an envelope on the door with our name on it. The room was lovely and huge. If you are ever in the Rockport area, you should try them. We slept through the breakfast (7-9), which was probably a mistake given how good everything else was about the inn, but had a wonderful one at the Rockport Diner in Hope. That was definitely a mistake since Sarah and Ekke had decided to have the ceremony at 11 and start serving the food immediately after that, so we had little room after a big breakfast.
rockport-diner    We’d also had a wonderful supper at a place in Rockland called the Waterworks. I’d been thinking about our family’s visits to Old Orchard Beach and what taking Route 1 up the coast used to be like when I was a kid and had been thinking fond thoughts of the fried clam shacks we’d stop at. I think the girls had salads with steak and shrimp on top, but I got the “clam bellies” appetizer and a cup of chowder. Thank goodness I didn’t get the clam plate! It was just as much as I wanted, and once again I wonder at the portions they serve in restaurants these days! Also recommended- the server was really wonderful!
I would have a picture of our room, but I still haven’t figured out how to get the pictures to go from my phone to facebook. I click upload, and it says “they will be posted” but there seems to be a step I’ve missed somewhere because they don’t show up. Anyway, we also got lost following the GPS directions. Luckily we found a jogger who knew where the Fish and Game was, and gave us directions. They had put up signs for the wedding, but GPS took us to the wrong side of the lake, sigh. Still, we got there (just barely) in time.
Sarah had a wonderful Gown, and looked gorgeous. She shared with us the details from the first period shoes that they’d bought- usually Ekkehart makes them, to her clocked stockings, to her quilted petticoat and panniers, to her pantaloons- with hearts on them!  No garters to be thrown, but she shared all the construction details- as did everyone else with their outfits.
dsc02637  Ekke looked happy as a groom should look. He may be older, but his eyes are still an incredible cornflower blue! He was wearing a grey wig and carried a tri-corn that almost fit over it. When it came time for the champagne, he went out on the porch and opened a bottle with his sword. I didn’t quite catch the moment when it went off- I hope someone did. They didn’t mush cake into each other’s faces but there were tons of photo ops.
I am afraid we bailed out a bit early- mid afternoon. (Why does it seem we are always driving east in the morning and west in the evening? This is clearly perceptions as we drove east in the afternoon on Saturday. I just have a thing about the sun setting in my eyes. Bless Willow for taking that bit of driving!)

I have finally gone through my garb chest from the war (looking for an undergown to wear to the wedding), and taken out the fabric we bought at Pennsic, and my jewelry chest. I am feeling SO much better- more energy. (Not 100% yet, but SO much better than the last three months!) I now can do a “water run” myself, lifting the 5 gallon barrels into the car. Sadly, the amount to catch up on is huge!
CTCW is looming- the first week of November. Jane is paying the hotel Friday, and this may be the last one. Even cut down, even with the great classes we’ve scheduled, it’s smaller than ever. Speakers are pulling out like rats leaving a sinking ship. I have no idea why. It’s a great event. Kathy is doing the scheduling as well as the program booklet, and I am so grateful not to be doing it, and she told me that she’s got a new appreciation of what I did, which is really nice to hear. Tomorrow night will be the last Planning meeting. Yikes.

It seems like we are going to doctor’s appointments all the time. Monday Willow saw hers, Tuesday, I went to the Acupuncturist, tomorrow the girls see the psychiatrist, Friday I see Dr. Q. You’d think we were sick or maybe that we should be healthier with all this medical interaction! If one only considered one of us at a time it might not seem like so much, but when it’s cumulative, it seems excessive. I have switched herbal formulas- now I’m taking Bu Yang, which is for the Bell’s. I hope it’s helping. I guess I could say that about the acupuncture too.
The girls continue to do a picture a day for “Inktober”. Kat decided to sell some of hers from previous years and there was some confusion because a buyer from England got the conversion rate between pounds (or was it Euros?) and dollars. Looking back on it, when October started, I often didn’t have the energy to draw a picture, and I can compare that to now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have been doing it with them.
I’ve been trying to “hide” all posts about the election on fb in an attempt to reduce the amount I’m getting, but I guess the sorting doesn’t work that way. Also, I have to admit I find the craziness of this election fascinating (in a sort of watching an accident way). Also, there’s the education part- since they don’t have Early Voting in New Hampshire, I’d never heard of it, at least before I saw it on facebook.

Raven Kaldera is my guest on the New Normal tonight, talking about plant spirits. Good show listen here. Jane called in.

I have now finally seen the new Ghostbusters movie and I have to agree with the girls that it is just as good as the first one. It’s different, and if you want it to be the same, you will be disappointed, but it’s fun. It does reference the first movies in an odd way, since it doesn’t seem to admit that they happened in that reality, but most of the original stars came in doing cameos. The characters were especially well done. I will definitely be buying a copy when the price comes down (I got it through Netflix.)
I finished reading How to Read Churches. I now know a lot more about what the parts of churches are called and what they mean (theoretically). I’ve always had a hard time trying to figure Gothic from Baroque. I still don’t have much appreciation for most modern church designs. I finished Daily Life in the United States 1940-1959: Shifting Worlds . I saw it in a series of books of the Daily Life sort I often read about the ancient and medieval worlds, and decided to learn something about what life was like just before I start to remember. I’m now starting the one on Daily Life during WW I, but it’s really depressing and I may or may not finish it. I read the second Hallowed Isle book and started the third one. I’ve continued reading Curing and Healing and Spirituality and Patient Care, the second is really simplistic and repetitive. It goes over the reasons it’s a good idea for doctors to include spiritual practice in a patient history, but I find it annoying that it seems to concentrate on things like using church members for follow-up care and support, and how it makes the patient feel like the doctor sees them as a whole person, and that they’ll be more compliant about following directions, while appearing to dismiss any benefits of prayer as “placebo” effect. Why is it that they are so perfectly willing to get excited about using the effect, and downplaying how it works? Curing and Healing is far more anthropology based and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Well, that’s it for this week. I will add a few more of the old pictures, now that I have them to share. It’s very weird to be finally getting to cleaning up after Pennsic at the end of October.

Here’s Willow’s birthday picture from July:
Here’s us packing for Pennsic:
Here’s Willow putting up the Pennsic back roof:
This is the class tent right next to cabochons on Bow Street:






Fortunate is the one who has learned to Admire, but not to envy. Good Wishes for a joyous Diwali and a Happy New Year with plenty of Peace and Prosperity.