10-4-2017 Cinnamon Bun Day

This week has been really comfortable. We haven’t had to turn the heat on yet, and I’ve still got a fan on in the bedroom, but the oppressive heat is past. (I figure we have a week of Indian Summer still to come- THEN we’ll take down the screen door!) Sadly, I haven’t gotten out to enjoy it.
John and I went to Mark’s. This week we got the living room much clearer. His couch is available for sitting again. There were a large number of coats (and liners) on the couch, so we also went through the hall closet- and took away four more bags of clothes to give to the homeless. I don’t think it was quite as dusty as last time, but we finished up by getting soft-serve anyway.
On the way home, we did lots of errands, then John was driving and had one of those momentary lapses of attention which put the car over on the side of the road until he pulled back on- taking out one of those sticks with the reflectors- and upsetting him a lot. It seemed to have done little but snagged the fender liner, so it was dragging. I had to go over to Winkles today and have it reattached. Apparently it protects the wires of the headlights and such from being splashed or hit with gravel. I haven’t had John on the road since then, and don’t know if it’s going to make him more hesitent to drive. I hope not.
I sent back the “Reduced fat” chips to the company, who very nicely said that they weren’t allowed to refund (or at least not resell) food, but if we returned them, they’d give them to their employees and give me the refund anyway. That was awfully nice of them, and if the refund does come through, I shall write them a nice review. If it doesn’t, I’ll be cross, because it cost $20 just for shipping. I still have no idea how I ended up with a product I didn’t want after paying careful attention to avoiding it. I wish I could be sure I just didn’t click the wrong thing and it wasn’t my fault, but I’ve made so many mistakes in my life that I haven’t got that security anymore.
The next day Miriam, the co-leader of the clan I’m doing this weekend came over. (I’ve been really thrown off by the first weekend in October being the long weekend. In my mind Columbus Day is still supposed to be the 12th- which is closer to the next weekend than this one is.) We talked over what we’re going to be trying. I really wish I had more to offer people on dealing with aging, and chronic illness, which is what it’s supposed to be about. I hope we’ll all have coping mechanisms to share with each other. I am SO much more comfortable with simply sharing information! Miriam is a vegetarian, so I made her Mushroom Couliabec, one of my favorite vegetarian dishes.
Saturday we decided to call “Girls Day Out”, since John wasn’t interested in going to see the remake of It with us. I have to say I was not impressed with the remake- it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t that great. I came home and rewatched the previous one (2 part “mini-series” packaged as a movie). There’s something annoying about them splitting the book into two stories- one about the kids, and one about the adults. The two parts of the story need being integrated to make sense. I’m also annoyed that I will probably watch it- although I doubt I’ll bother seeing it in the theatre. Then we went shopping- we checked Target and Payless for shoes. Willow and I both need some- some of my old favorites have been giving up the ghost.  I was surprised to note that I really like the styles this year- lots of embroidery and inset lace panels and other folksy details. I should probably stock up since I like them- IF I can find any in my size! Then we went to JoAnn and I got fabric to make “shells” for our Tortoise clan to use. We stopped by the craft store in Nashua to say hi to Doug, who we haven’t seen in too long. Then we went to the Halloween store. I was hoping to find cute house decorations like the one she’d found- a fake animal skull. There were a LOT of costumes (mostly tacky, although I did like the ones of the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus), and some fun and really expensive special effects in which we aren’t interested. It was a fun stop though. And we got lunch. It was fun, if tiring.
 I finally got to starting painting the “Anne Bolyne” painting on Sunday. Mark came over, an read me stories from the Whateley Academy universe while I painted. He also brought steak and corn, so I just cooked them and made brownies. The next day he came back again, for more reading, but less painting. Mostly I remember a lot of phone calls- and working on the CTCW website, planning Twilight Covening, and talking to Liz about the camp. Apparently Kate and Alexis did come up in September and took the porch off the camp. Their understanding was that we didn’t need a permit to take it off, but we will need one to put it back up, which is disturbing. We really need better communication!
Frankly, halfway through the day I felt like just curling up with a book and ignoring the world. Sadly- or perhaps fortunately- the phone calls kept finding me, and I had to deal with the world- like everyone else. I noticed that this morning there were many posts from people who admitted to feeling awful, having compassion fatigue, etc. Did the Las Vegas shooting have anything to do with it? Possibly. It certainly didn’t help. I spent far too long trying to catch up on my taxes. Having not sold anything in CT since 2015, I had forgotten to tell them so, so they estimated that I should be paying them $5K a month, and sent it to a collection agency that wanted to know how I was going to pay it. Having now make sure my filing (and paying) is caught up, in theory they’ll tell the agency. In theory I should remember to file those reports saying I’m not making money.
Willow was having an awful day too. Nothing she was trying to do worked, and to cap it off, her hair was falling in her eyes, so she cut her bangs, and they did that thing where after you cut them, they rearrange themselves so they look shorter? How often have we all had our hair done and while it looked good immediately, as soon as we got home it curled in the wrong direction or some such? Most of us I think. She’s feeling that she should have realized if she was having a “nothing works” day, it was not a good time to try a haircut. Then to top it off, Avi’s daughter got sent home with lice. Oh, my! The memories! (the psychosomatic itching!)  I checked her, and she seems OK, but we will be vigilant. Been there, done that, never want to have to go through that again! And today she says that after the lice scare, Avi had a bedbug scare (there was a lot of furniture in the dumpster by her apartment, and maybe an egg in the storage). Oh my! the stress is coming up out of the ground, it seems!
News continues to be awful, what with the Las Vegas shooting, the US voting against banning death penalty for gay sex in the UN, various scandals, the President’s embarrassing performance in Puerto Rico, the IRS giving Equifax the contract for fraud protection, etc. Many of my facebook friends mentioned today that they feel awful, like crying. Empathy fatigue has turned into physical-emotional-mental exhaustion. We are exceeding / have exceeded our ability to cope with how the world is. We can’t sedate it away. We have to fix it. We are getting ill because we can’t deal with life any more. Avi took her son to cub scouts, and they don’t get to leave the boys there any more, the parents have to stay, and the Denmother can’t get them to stop screaming. There are still adults who warn kids not to scream like they are in danger, but many have given up. The kids “cry wolf” too often. When a population has to turn off their automatic protection response for young in danger, the species is not long for this world. Unless radical changes are made, these next years (I’m not sure we have decades) is going to be very uncomfortable.
I cannot urge you too strongly to read An American Sickness; I started to put flags in at points I wanted to share- but there are too many points. (Get it from your library- it came out in April) While I was at the garage today they heard me say “Holy S**t!”, as I read that NYC had outsourced their school nurses, and people were getting $300 bills when their kid scraped their knee or had pre-test stress stomach ache and saw the school nurse. This is SO out of control! It’s taking me longer than expected to read it because I finally realized I couldn’t read it when I went to bed, because it would keep me up. I could only read a chapter in the morning when I woke up. (Not that it still didn’t chill my kidneys in the light of day.) No, in the evening I soothe myself with brainless romance. I finished Real Murders, then started the Midnight Crossroads series, both by Charlaine Harris. Pleasant, good characters, interesting stories. Cathy said that she and Sean were enjoying the TV show Midnight Texas, that they made from it. As with True Blood, there’s only a passing resemblance to the stories in the books (so far), but both are fun. I like the psychic chatting with (as opposed to remembering) his grandmother. I really enjoy the talking cat, that still acts like a cat.
Oh- tonight’s podcast was talking to AVee Baron about working with Ancestors  and Samhain.  It wasn’t bad, at least there was a call in.
But I must sign off. I have pre-scheduled the holidays for while I’ll be gone, but I’ve got a bunch of packing and cooking to do (they feed us when everyone’s there, but it’s pot-luck for the teachers who come in Thursday until everyone else arrives on Friday.)
“A year from now you may wish you had started today”- Karen Lamb
“Someday is not a Day of the week” Janet Dailey
I love holidays- they are so positive and hopeful. (Maybe not so much the “awareness” days)
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