11-08-2007 Pursuit of Happiness Week

I’m wiped out today, the computer had gotten slow, and checking how much space was left, I discovered it was way full. So I stayed up until 3:30 taking all the pictures out and putting them on discs, so I could throw them away- but they must be hidden in back-up somewhere, because it made no space at all. I’m bummed. And tired.
(Steve called and told me a place to check for those back-ups, and all I have to do is go through them again and throw this batch out, and I’ll get the space. I am pleased, although I am not going to get to it tonight. I wish I knew how much space it would generate. I’m sure that part of the space being used is Kat’s movies, and I wish there were another computer to which to move them.)
I don’t mind putting a lot of effort into something that’s going to make a big difference, but when it doesn’t it’s depressing.

Also the port on my computer where I stick the flash drives or connector to the camera isn’t working, so I can’t take pictures off the camera and put them on the computer. Darn. I have a lovely picture of the outside of the house all finished. And Willow and Kat have new costumes for Bakaratsu Con. They say not to worry, they’ll take pictures of them wearing them this weekend. It’s probably my background, but I tend to assume I’m going to destroy a costume when I wear it (as opposed to garb), and like to get a picture just as soon as it’s done.

Upcoming holidays Tomorrow, the 8th is Abet and Aid Punster’s Day
9 Friday is Apricot Day, Cake Appreciation Day, and the beginning of Diwali
10 Saturday is Eat with Chopsticks Day & Toothpaste Day
11 Sunday is Swedish Meatball Day and Sundae Day, and Martinmas and the original Poppy Day
12 Monday is Actor’s Day & “I need a Patch for that” Day
13 Tuesday is Gingerbread House Day and World Kindness Day and the end of Diwali

We’ve had some rain (and cold weather) and I have to say it’s wonderful to not worry about leakage. And Wally brought it in for about half what I expected which should leave money to do stuff like fix the interior water damage, and maybe upgrade our wiring some. The computers really need better outlets.
Chris (the electrician) came by today and fixed the breaker (I think- sadly, I overslept and Star didn’t wake me up) that the goat fence is on. Bob, on the other hand, hasn’t turned up since stripping the bathroom floor, so Willow has found our sander (sadly, not a rotary one) and I guess we’ll finish it ourselves. If it goes well, I guess we can also do the front hall ourselves.
Megan called today- they were crossing the “Brandywine” (the Ohio River) and will probably be back within a week. We have missed them, and they have seen so much of this huge country I am jealous and inspired.
We had no work last weekend, so we got to relax. It was so nice! I read Candace Pert’s new book How to Feel Go(o)d. The Molecules of Emotion was so good I had to read that. Part of me says I’ve got to get back to the library, (Willow and Kat have been doing the errands, and they don’t bother stopping there), and part of me says I should finish the ones I have here first.
I’ve been trying to reorganize the library- find a way of organizing our books. It’s kind of impossible. One thing I’ve done is “stolen” one of the folding shelves we use at festivals, since we won’t be using it until next week. I turned my bed around in my bedroom so it’s not against the wall, but sticking into the room (so I have to walk around it), but that gave me room to put up two bookshelves there. I’m going to have to find some place to put in more bookshelves- maybe the back hall. We don’t go there much, so making it narrow wouldn’t hurt. All I’d have to do is build the shelves. Another book I’ve really been enjoying is one I got at Celebrate Samhain- Pagan Spirituality. I finally “get” the concept of magick- apparently the awareness of the interconnectedness of the universe, which underlies much of the practice of magick is linked to the feeling of being one with the universe

We’d put several of the Halloween movies (I,II, H20 and Resurrection- all the ones with Jamie Lee Curtis) on the queue, and they finally came. It’s good to have seen them for cultural literacy- they weren’t the same as the greatest movies I’ve seen, but they weren’t that bad. (Well, the last one was, except for the teaser with Curtis.) I liked how they weren’t big with the gore, and made more of lighting and music to create mood. I think the later ones devolved.
Did I mention that Bio-Zombi (the Japanese cult zombie movie) I decided I actually liked? It was stupid- horror movies are- it’s the genre, but it was sweet. It was kind of like Bill and Ted meet Jay and Silent Bob in Dawn of the Dead in Japan. I especially liked Sushi Boy- the nerd zombie who carried his crush on the popular girl over even after he’d become a zombie. We also saw Vampire in Brookline again- with the great line “This is my heart, this is my stomach.” (almost doesn’t count with steaks, or, I suppose hand grenades used on a vampire). Now that Halloween (season) is over, we’re going to watch some of the more recent releases; comedies would be nice.

Ah, I am too tired to think of what we’ve done this week. Mostly getting ready for the upcoming weekend and house cleaning. I’ll try to be more awake next week.

*”The one process ongoing in the 1990s that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. This is the folly that our descendants are least likely to forgive us.”
-E.O. Wilson

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