11/28/2013 Thanksgivukkah

Just a quick note to excuse myself for not getting to the letter today. I’ve been getting ready for Thanksgiving and leaving right after dinner for Darkover. I’ve just stuffed the Turkey and will be trying to set the programmable turn on mechanism on the oven (that or my alarm clock).
Luckily, not much happened this week, but when I write next Wednesday I’ll be able to tell you about going down to Maryland.
Most of what I remember about this week was the cold, we have been really loving the woodstove. We had a bit of snow, and we broke down and got Wally to come and fix the roof of the woodshed, instead of doing it ourselves. DSC00665
I’m STILL working on the last bits of paperwork for Changing Times-Changing Worlds.
I’ve made three pies and done four loads of laundry today, and am feeling VERY thankful for washers and gas dryers (and stoves). I just watched The Yearling and how Gregory Peck’s character worked for years to raise money to buy bricks and mortar to dig his wife a well so she wouldn’t have to walk a half mile to wash the clothes or haul it back for cooking and cleaning.
While Kat helped me clean the oven we put on Adams’ Family Values– just the part with the Thanksgiving pageant, and then the pageant in StepMom.
But that’s enough, I must go to sleep. Until next week!

Te nisi oblectas, perperam facis.
(If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.) – Sir Ernst

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