12-14 -2005 Popcorn Day

OK- this is a bit late- I finally decided to post my weekly letter- even though this one is pretty boring.

Today is also Poinsettia and Ding-a-Ling Day, Tomorrow (the 13th) is Santa Lucia Day and Ice Cream Day. Wednesday is Cat Herders and Underdog, and Bouillabaisse Day. Thursday, the 15th, is National Lemon Cupcake, and Bill of Rights, as well as Barbie and Barney Backlash Day, Friday is National Chocolate-covered Anything Day (sweet!), of course, the 17th is National Maple Syrup Day, Saturday is Wright Brothers Day, and Sunday is both Bake Cookies Day, and Roast Suckling Pig Day. Next Monday is Go Caroling Day- I figured I’d mention it now so you could plan ahead.

Almost nothing happened this week. Willow took the kids shopping. I’ve been working on my book- fascinating answers coming in- Willow printed out the questionnaires so I could take a highlighter to them, and it’s shaping up in my head. I’m beginning to write.
I sent out some of the ceramic cookie stamps that were ordered at the war- I was VERY late- darn.

We did get that storm that came through on Friday. We got about 16-18 inches of light fluffy snow, and it came down pretty fast. There wasn’t much when we got up, so I started working on packaging the cookie stamps I promised to get out, and I duffed around until the post office closed for lunch, but rather than looking out the window, I waited until it opened again, then headed out- to discover how deep the snow had gotten. Wo! Even with the kids helping it took me two hours to dig the car out! I’ve heard of white out conditions, but I’d never actually seen them before. At one point I’d cleared the steps, and looked again about 20 minutes later and they were covered about two inches deep. Luckily it was light and fluffy.
Travis came by and visited on Saturday, and then Avi and Trevor came by too. They took Yuna home to be a companion to their cat, on probation- at this point the kitten has been beating their cat up, and s/he may have to come back if she doesn’t cut it out. (We did take Greymalkin to get shots, and we’ll be getting her spayed tomorrow).
Steve was going to come by on Sunday, but he didn’t because it was Gwynne’s birthday and he took him out to dinner. So we just worked on cleaning the kitchen, made Christmas cookies, and watched the finale of Survivor.
I’m embarrassed to admit that Star started watching Survivor this fall, and I got caught up in it too. The games are interesting, and one does get to root for the nicer characters. It does have the drawback that it seems to be designed to make the people be nasty to each other, which is a pity. As far as I could tell, the really nice guy was eliminated because he was nice and everyone liked him, but that would have been an unbeatable advantage in the last round. I really thought he was going to get it. On the next to the last day, some Mayans brought up a chicken and some honey and other stuff and sacrificed it by the temple, which impressed the last four Survivors, but after the Mayans had left, their hunger got the better of them, and they went back and ate the chicken. (This chicken had been tossed into the fire with all its feathers on, and guts inside- it must have tasted really nasty!) But they’d asked at the time if it was permitted to eat the chicken, and were told that it wasn’t. Well the nice guy couldn’t bring himself to eat the chicken because he’d been so moved by the ceremony, although the three women did. And then came the big storm! I think most of them were convinced that the storm was because they’d eaten the chicken. I was trying to figure out when they’d been filming that- there were several hurricanes on the Yucatan this year. But I don’t think that just one big afternoon rainstorm, however violent, constitutes a hurricane. Oh well- it’s embarrassing to be caught watching TV.
Mostly we’ve been re-watching Christmas videos. We also got a Christmas tree, although we haven’t put it up yet. We got it the night before the snow, so we wouldn’t have to get the snow off before bringing it in. In theory we’ll be putting it up tonight. One branch came off in the car and I’ve put that up in my room to enjoy the smell.
It’s nice to have Kat and the whole family back together again, although we now are thinking about how to get her into college and such- how to disassemble the family. Last night it occurred to me that except for wanting the kids to be able to be self supporting, I have my perfect life. I don’t want to do just one thing- I like teaching and doing art and writing articles (that’s right, I had to finish and send off an article to a magazine this week), and doing shows. If I’m making ends meet, that’s perfect. I think we’re a little short, but that means just making a bit more.
Willow and I have been sending out applications for the winter shows- applications to present workshops and to sell. Did I mention that the girls went to a gaming convention last weekend?
The big event this week was Saturday, the Feast of Brothers and Sisters- our special Yule Holiday- when Dan came up, and the kids exchanged presents. (Dan’s going to Vegas again this Christmas.) We ate grilled steak tips and Christmas cookies, sang Karaoke, and exchanged presents. And for a marvel- every present was liked! Star, I think, got nothing but Manga, and I’m pretty sure there was a bunch of Anime too. That’s what I get for having a pack of artists.

Nothing happened, so I really have nothing to say. I was thinking about sharing the irritation I feel from catching a lot more TV commercials than usual- if you watched too much you’d get the impression that everyone in the country is giving each other ipods and diamonds and small appliances and cars and wine and cameras and sweaters etc. for Christmas, and we know that’s not true. If you walk into Walmart (or any other store) you see the pointless personality-free presents that people get for the people they don’t know well enough to be buying them presents. I also notice that everyone in the commercials looks like they don’t need anything. (What do I need? Book cases! I’ve got to find a place to put all these books!) I get all nostalgic for something that may have never existed- a holiday where the only gifts were things that people made or got each other because they knew them so well that they knew that the gift would fill some hole in their lives. I’ve been so proud of myself- I’ve been throwing things away (although we haven’t actually gotten to the dump because Charlie still hasn’t found a transmission at a price he’s willing to pay for it. I told him to increase what he’s willing to pay a bit, because we’re going to need the van for the winter shows).
I do want to mention that Star has been shoveling- and as I’ve been writing this, Kat has made supper, and the Santa Lucia buns for tomorrow morning.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking

we used when we created them.”- Albert Einstein

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