2018 in pictures

Kat has her year end video, and hearing her and Willow talking about how long this year has seemed, I tried to remember what has happened. As reading through all my old letters, much less my Journal, I looked through my old pictures, and started collecting them. Since I’d already done that, I figured I’d share them with you.

January started with finishing up the Christmas cookies, taking down the trees etc. Mostly what I remember is that Kenric went missing when he went out kayaking. As the cold was fierce, they started talking about him being dead in a few days. I held out hope until his body was found  many weeks later.

I had a commission for a combination sketch of a gentleman’s wife’s gaming characters. That was fun. I got some pastels and played with them.

 Birka was at the end of the month. The theme for the garb competition was superhero and Willow made a Wonderwoman outfit which worked well.


In February I went down to Feast of Lights, then I went up to Mimer’s Well schola in VT. I stayed with Marieke and Cenwolf (we went out for Chinese after with them and Daffyd). Kat made a dress in pastels, and John and I celebrated our birthdays.

In March we went back to the Museum of Science, My Plantar fasciitis came back, and I tried various natural remedies all summer. It was very snowy. This Ostara I used all natural dyes on the eggs: onion skins, cabbage, hibiscus, they cam out well, and the hibiscus was delicious.

I started sketches for another book cover for Lynn, a Viking fighting a bear, and didn’t do much else most of the spring.

At the end of March the girls went down to Regeneration Who Con and Kat got to see a lot of her favorite actors, they paid to get pictures with them because- why not, if it may be the last chance. They were charmed by her Adric Loli and the fan art she did of them.

In April (still painting) I started reading up on Vampires for my Pennsic class. Willow made a huge spread with the Voyager on it for Steve. Spring finally came (with a bit more snow). They started tearing off the house part of our old house. That was hard to watch, although I rarely went by.

In May Willow and her friends took Kat to a tea room for her birthday, as the RegenCon had been her big gift. Willow also went down to a Japanese Food fair on Boston Common with Raye.  Kat worked on a Loli with lots of pin-tucks and ruffles. 


Memorial Day Weekend we went up to Panteria, although the girls don’t like camping. We saw many friends. We started a lot of talking about work on the lake house, but I didn’t get up there this year. Spring finally arrived (meaning our dafodills, lily-of-the-valley,  bleeding hearts, & lilacs bloomed).

In June it got terribly hot. The Golden Sword was very small this year, but it reminded me of old events when the SCA was smaller.   I started studying the Witch Trials for Pennsic. We started picking a new baron and baroness since the SCA rules require them to change every few years- feh, it was the barons who gave us a sense of continuity with royalty changing twice a year!

At the beginning of July we went to the East Kingdom 50 year Celebration. They had a display of dolls for each of the Royalty, and a memorial wall. Did lots of talking about the past. What I’ve spent most of my life doing. Too many dead friends to think about.


In July the girls went to Canobie Con dressed as Thor and Loki(Thor rescued Captain America from the Claw machine.

The next weekend we tried to go to the Great Northeastern War and broke down on the way again. Avi came to get Willow so she could go collect the trailer from the side of the road, and the truck with the van on it had a blowout on the way back! Willow says we are never going to try again, as she’s tired of the cars breaking down on the way there.

Pennsic preparation enveloped Willow’s birthday again and most of August. I rode with Michael. This year the tags were orange! We got a new class tent. Megan got thrown off site by dog haters; I was afraid it would kill her. (It wounded Pennsic and the SCA for me.) Willow made me a wool and down cushion (so I could rest on my laurels), 


I taught my classes- and added more on runes. We had to get ANOTHER new jack for our trailer. The Coopers really don’t seem to like us (the SCA) anymore. It was exhausting.  We are all getting old. And tired.


I guess we hit the ground running when we got back. I went to the East Coast Thing with my friend Janine Marie. The girls sold at PopCult Anime Con. I got the steroid shot in my foot when we got back (getting to classes had been hard) it kicked in after ECT. (I tend to forget to get pictures while we’re actually doing things and remember afterward.)

Our Baron, Dorio died a few days before Pennsic (they were already packed.) We toasted him at Harpers, another loss. While I’d missed signing up for most Pagan Pride Days, we got to the EMAPPD at Winnikini castle. 

Kate and Alexis finally got married in September. We all dressed up and looked pretty good. John chose not to go. Liz got to brag about Meg having won a major extreme obstacle course race, which is what she does on weekends. Ali went to Cambodia this summer to help kids. As hugely fat as I am, I still think I’m the best looking of the Richards girls, and we all look pretty darned good!


The girls did get to the lake for their Cabin in the Woods Con with their friends before Liz closed it up.

In October I got confused by the timing of Columbus Day weekend and missed Lee and Jerry’s wedding, although the girls went, I was at the Twilight Covering: Boar Clan. I meant to go help Liz over her first round of Chemo, but she did well and told me not to bother. October first the hotel for CTCW closed and we scrambled to find a new venue, and did, Maryalyce really is a miracle worker, I don’t have much to do. The girls did Inktober (one drawing a day) again, I did one, then didn’t do more. Girls went to Raye’s Halloween party.

November: CTCW programming was still good- I think we lost some people with the last minute venue change. We have to find a closer one that’s still cheap enough. Willow, Kat and I participated in the protest- the “No one is above the law” march for Mueller. The wood stove has given up the ghost, and we started looking for a new one, as I don’t think it can be fixed. Snow came early and stayed until this week.


December we worked hard to scale back on the holidays- both money and energy. This years silliness was using sealing wax con packages. I didn’t hold back on the cookies, but that was the only thing we didn’t cut back. We spread the Solstice Feast out to an open house, which was easier. Christmas dinner was just us and so was New Years “feast of small foods”. Having spent the summer excavating and leveling they started building another structure where our old house used to be. Avi moved, Willow helped and will go to Keene, but less often than Milford.

That’s our 2018. This year as 2019 approached we remembered people yelling at 2018 telling it it had to be better than 2017. This year we’re all talking sweetly and gently and asking it nicely to be better. I am very pleased with how the courts have tried to provide checks for the current administration, and how well the democrats did in spite of Republican voter suppression and gerrymandering is inspiring. But it’s been a hard year, and we could use some positive changes. I suspect most of my problems are just the cumulative damage of 66 (nearly 67) years, and I’m still healthier than most people my age. Many of our problems could be solved with larger income, but the health problems make that problematic. Oh well. I will remain hopeful.


Te nisi oblectas, perperam facis. (If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.) – Sir Ernst