3-6-2019 Frozen Food Day

Hi everyone                                        March 6, 2019
 Happy Frozen Food Day! It might as well be Frozen Food Day, I’ve got frozen everything else! While my bed remains comfy, the oil company filled the tank last week, and we have (profligately IMO) set the thermostat to 68º, I am still chilled. I really need to get the information to Robert so he can try to fix the wood stove. I did read a disturbing article last week that the NH legislature wants to put some sort of law in regulating old (more than 50 year old, like mine) wood stoves. I’m not sure what the point is, other than either selling new wood stoves, or possibly there’s something dangerous I don’t know about. I’m not sure where that bit of legislation went, but I’d hate to invest in fixing it and then have it turn out to be illegal. Maybe it’s only illegal if you see the house.
We’ve had very little snow this year, but we’ve had a bit more this week. John goes out quite regularly and digs us out. I feel guilty since I haven’t been helping, but he hasn’t complained. He makes it possible for Willow to get out twice a week to go to Keene to help Avi, and for me to do occasional errands. I need to call Winkles and see if they’ve found me a replacement car yet. I am planning to try taking the bus down to Boston to my first appointment to Tufts Dental next week. I suppose the bus ticket’s cheaper than parking down there on top of driving (round trip $24, parking $11), but they don’t have a lot of runs, and it looks like I’ll have to leave at 9:30 to get to the bus station in time to be in Boston for a 1 o’clock appointment, and will get back to Nashua 6:15 which puts me home at 7. yuck. I like the idea of public transportation, but taking all day (nearly 10 hours) for a dentist appointment seems excessive. However, it’s that or not getting the dental work at all, and I’d rather have teeth, or functional equivalents.  Dr. Roy only does basic work and refers all endodontic stuff, like crowns, which starts in the thousands of dollars. I get to choose between missing teeth and half-price (which I hope I can afford) with the the dental school. Willow’s using it and she drives down, and it still takes her most of a day. (11 to 7:30)
Looking back on the week it seems a cumulation of small irritations. About a week ago I decided to have an omelet for breakfast and used improper knife technique and put a tiny cut in the tip of my left thumb; the knife was so sharp and it was so small that I didn’t notice, and mostly have only noticed it as the flap of skin catches on things (Mostly knitting). I also had another temporary crown break off, exposing a post, and it cuts my tongue. I found some dent-temp, and have an appointment with Dr. Roy and I hope he can put a new temporary crown on it. (I also have one at Tufts, but before they do any repairs, you have to get X rays and gum care). The dent-temp does cover the post and my tongue is healing, but I’d hate to have to do this for months if it takes that long for Tufts to get to that point. Almost every time I eat it comes off again, and every time I brush, so I have to re-apply it. I have started doing it after supper, and holding off on brushing my teeth until after breakfast to only have to do it twice a day. But before I got it, my tongue was in sad shape, and that makes it worth it.
I am also sad-ish, because I forgot to make jelly doughnuts for Shrovetide, and it seems inappropriate to do it now. If one is given an excuse for self indulgence, it’s not open-ended. So as you see, it’s nothing much to complain about, and sadly, that’s the most interesting thing that’s happened here for most of this week!


Enough complaining! The high point of the week was visiting Lyrion and Raven: I was chatting to Lyrion last Friday, and she mentioned a new game she liked, Bananagrams. I love board games, and (after making sure that it wasn’t an electronic game- my nemesis) I suggested a play date. She asked me over for the next day, and I was there from 2-just before dark.  They had a lovely collection of GF snacks  (her husband Raven needs at gluten free diet). There was another couple and another woman (Skye?) who I have met before, but you know how bad I am with names. The game was fun- it’s something like scrabble, only each person gets 15 letter tiles, then when someone runs out they yell Banana and they all have to take another tile, until so many tiles re gone that they have to stop. At that point whoever finishes calls something else (banana themed) and we check their spelling. You use the tiles to build words off each other- as in scrabble, but without the board,  and there’s the competitive time factor, as well as having to add new tiles every so often. Oh, and you can turn in a tile you don’t like for 3 others from the pot (where they’re all face down, of course). The distribution of letters seems reasonable. Lot’s of vowels and Ts, Ns, and Rs. It did seem that one person got most of the Es each round. They were having wine, and I showed everyone my “see how little wine it takes for me to get tiddily” trick. That day I put my hair up in what I hoped would make me look like a Gibson Girl, but instead I reminded Lyrion of a Madam Arcati from Cowards Blithe Spirit. I want to see it now.
That reminds me that we have confirmed the hotel for CTCW this year. (What reminded me was that I had originally written “I need to see it”, and the theme of the conference this year is manifesting what we need. A lot of that is recognizing the difference between what we want and what we need. It’s called Honor’s Haven and is a resort in the Catskills, like the Hudson Valley would have been if they’d done maintenance. They have a hedge labyrinth, and this year we’re having a food plan (they insist), but it’s like not much more expensive than fast food, and will be more convenient, and it’s less expensive than some festival/conference food plans. Since that’s where they make their money, we care able to afford the function rooms. Brian is busy revamping the website.
I finished the shawl I started at the Mensa RG (unless I pull it out and do it over, it’s not quite as I’d hoped). The colors are bright, and the yarn soft and shiny, but I still don’t like it  as I’d hoped. Alternately, I’m thinking of adding fringe.
I got an interesting call from my Insurance guy- apparently I can save money by doing everything on-line, that sounds good. I also understand that a lot of what’s on my policy (from 1995 is just not available anymore, so I should probably not change companies to save money because I’d be losing stuff they don’t feel like doing. Good to know. My only question is, if I ever need it, will they weasel out of it? I have so much paperwork I need to do, and I keep putting off. One can really get a lot of things done when trying to avoid something else. I hate paperwork far more than is beneficial. I should figure out why and get past that. I did file the sales tax forms. (I hate adulting.)
Kat and I went out to the library and for groceries. She tells me that “Kondoing” has now become a verb for getting rid of what you don’t need in your life. In the parking lot the sole and heel of her shoe fell off which was very dramatic (as she lost 7 inches of height!) Avi’s kids were sick Thursday, which allowed Willow to stay home and rest. B has started in her new school and seems to like it (especially the swimming pool.)
For light reading (as I fall asleep) I’ve started the Harper Harlow mysteries. They are paranormal romance. As with the Haunting Danielle series, Harper sees ghosts, only she actually seems to make a living doing ghost hunting with her best friend Zander, who’s gay, and frankly my favorite character. In the first book, Ghostly Interests, a new cop joins the small town force and they fall in love, causing him to have to rethink whether he believes in ghosts. Ghostly Issues has them admitting that they’re attracted to each other.  Ghostly Deceits has them go on a murder mystery vacation, where there’s a murder for him to solve with her help because she can talk to the ghost. I’m on Ghostly Worries and she’s found a corpse but no ghost yet. Frankly they are the sugared cereal of literature, sweet but not nourishing. I do like that they are soppy in love, and it’s nice to see that. So many books would rather deal with passion or problems. I got a few chapters into A Discovery of Witches (which I think they’ve made into a mini-series) but it just didn’t grab me. It had an unforgivable flaw (IMO) which was treating witches as a different race than humans. I couldn’t get past that, then it looked like the romantic lead was going to be a vampire. Oh, yawn.
I’ve started Fractured Symmetry: Blair MacAlister & Terendurr the Black Stone by my old SCA friend Fernando Salazar. This is the first real Science Fiction I’ve read in years. Space ships, alien races, and it’s still “how did the treasure get out of the locked hold during freewill?” a basic mystery. But the aliens are great. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed them.
I finished Diabolique, a 1954 thriller. It took me a while because it was in French, which requires full attention to follow. That’s sort of OK, because it was beautifully acted and shot. Like Hitchcock films. It’s a mystery where two women, an abused wife and jilted mistress plot together to get rid of the nasty husband, and then after they’re sure he’s dead, the body disappears and mysterious clues that he’s returned from the dead keep coming up. Very cool and creepy. I have a problem with foreign language and silent films since mostly I throw on a video when I’m cooking, or washing dishes or something like that. I can manage to knit a bit with the ones I have to watch. When I’m turned away from the screen I prefer TV shows I’ve already seen- this week I’ve been watching Bones, season 1. Some of my favorite episodes, like the one with the money pit. I’ve also caught some of the movies John got for his birthday: like the Josh Kerby ones: Human Pets, Dino Knights, and Toyworld. Ah, nostalgia!
I’ve taken out City Lights and Metropolis but haven’t sat down to watch them because they’re silent, but at the same time I picked up a couple books that came up when I was looking for Metropolis: books on the history of cities, one on Roman Cities and one on Egyptian. They were kids books, and fun. I felt a little wistful because this was the sort of illustration I once hoped to do for a living. Ah well.
This wasn’t an exciting week, but they can’t all be. It would be a lot more exciting if I spoke about politics, but we’re giving that up, not for lent, but for mental health. No talking anymore, do anything that might help, but no more talking. It doesn’t seem to make any difference.


Today is Oreo Day and also Michaelangleo’s Birthday. I found this image from 2013 that Ruadh made to commemorate the day. Also looked up and saw that I’d already used that name for one letter, so had to change it to Frozen Food Day.’

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