4-6-2007 Easter and Passover

I just realized Wednesday went by (and I guess Thursday) and I didn’t write my weekly letter. So this is a quick note to say that nothing happened this week- I have been scrambling to try to get ready to head down to Maryland next week, get everything ready for that, including getting the taxes done before I go, which means organizing the receipts and stuff I haven’t managed to organize in five years. It occurs to me that obviously I won’t be writing letters while I’m away either so I should give everyone a heads-up.

The Manneheim Mid-Atlantic group is flying me down there to teach weekend long RunValdr workshop- which I guess I’m patterning after the workshops I’ve been to that cost anywhere up to $300, even though I’m only getting $35 a head. Still, I figure if I do well, maybe other people will want me to be a paid speaker, so I’m getting stuff ready for that. Looking forward to it, as teaching RunValdr in 1-2 hour classes has always been just brushing the surface.
And as long as they were paying for the transport, I managed to schedule it the weekend before Ecumenicon, and stay between with Joanna and Scott and (finally) finish the portrait of them that’s been waiting 2 years. (yay, income!) So I’ve got to get that painting done except for the final sitting, all the handouts for the weekend workshop plus all the classes I’m doing at Ecumenicon, plus the taxes.
And I’m doing a workshop on living with cancer at Ecu. I realized this week it’s been five years since Ælfwine died. It’s taken that long for me to be able to try to review my journals and notes from that and try to make a coherent picture of what I learned from it. And it’s been emotionally hard. I’ve also been reading up on the cancer industry- in case there were any new developments- don’t want to give people who attend bad information. The hardest part is that the basic reality is still the same- that somehow money has more control over the policies of what’s available than science and good will. It’s perhaps worse than five years ago, although some progress has been made. I never want to leave people I’m speaking to depressed- that seems wrong. But how to give people hope when the situation is so bad? It’s a challenge.
Reviewing all that material about cancer makes me want to renew my efforts to eat healthily- but of course, there are four of us, and now that they are adults, I feel they need to make the choice for themselves to junk food or not, so there’s compromise one doesn’t bother with with kids.

Anyway, that’s what’s been keeping me busy. Got out this morning because we had a power outage after the snow (only about six inches, but it was wet and heavy), so I joined the kids on the weekly errands.
May not even write until I get back after Ecumenicon, but know I still feel good about having so many people who actually want to hear what I’ve been up to.

Amusing thought which may actually happen- Willow saw some green marshmallow peeps in an ad today and hopes to get some to blow up in the microwave. (Imagine Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk) What I’d actually like to do would be to get some pink ones, and green ones, and film them, cutting it together for a “peep” Hulk effect and make it into an LJ moving icon. (“You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad”) She’d have to find the peeps and the time- I kind of hope it happens.

here- have 2 quotes this week:

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. ~~~Albert Einstein

The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax.
~~~Albert Einstein

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