5-2-3007 Sibling Appreciation Day

Kat’s birthday is Monday, if you want to send her a card. Twenty years old. She’s depressed.
Actually, my head is kind of foggy- I’ve been working on about 6 hours of sleep a night because I decided to “just sit down and get the book done” and have been staying up late working on it, also sitting down to work on it as soon as I wake up. That’s pretty much what’s gone on this week.

Well, Willow did go out to Cimmaron, which is a Live Action Role Playing group on Saturday, and she served the feast. This may not sound fun to some, but she enjoyed it. And on Monday she went down to Charettes with Christine where she got me more black and flake white paint oil paint, and got a small light table too. She has actually been able to use it already. She spilled some coke on a comic she’d blocked, and was able to transfer it to another piece of bristol board (the light table worked through two pieces of bristol board! I’m impressed) and not lose her work.
Kat took some wonderful arty pictures of the burgeoning spring- the shapes of trees and such. I am more into the hyacinth and daffodils, but the air smells good. I was hoping to get to killing and cutting up one of the kids this weekend, but didn’t get up from the computer until, well, I think it was 3 am. I’m getting a lot done in theory, but none of it shows. It’s going to be six months or more of hard work, and then the book will “magically” appear out of no where. Sigh.
Kat’s been making me a database to record the responses I’m getting in. While I feel kinda brain-dead, I’m actually psyched. I’ve got a pagan from the Serb section of Bosnia (they talk about the Muslims vs the Christians, it’s got to be hard for a pagan over there!), I’ve got black heathens, I’ve got doctors, and lawyers and letter carriers, and Australians and Russians. (I can’t write in other languages!). I’ve got pagan ferret fanciers! We ARE everywhere.

Steve came over on Sunday, so I got up from the screen and took an afternoon off- that was good. We watched a movie called Stick it which we’d gotten from Netflix. I am fond of the genre of sports movies where the underdogs win because they script writers are on their sides. This movie was slightly different. First because it was about gymnastics- and I’ll watch gymnastics anytime. (the “stunt people” for the actresses were all world class gymnists.) But other than that, the stars weren’t underdogs, they were great, and the villains were the judges whose rules were stupid and arbitrary. There were some funny “imaginary sequences” where the judges were doing gymnastics badly in their little blue blazers, and the athletes did manage to stick it to them.

I haven’t been watching that much TV or movies lately, because of working on the book, but I’ve been stewing some about commercials. It is so frigging frustrating to have them medicate the heck out of America- take a pill if you can’t sleep, take a pill to lower your blood pressure, take a pill to lower your cholesterol, take a pill to got to the bathroom, take a pill to go to the bedroom, take a pill in case you might have a problem you probably won’t have, take a pill so your depression won’t bother your dog, and the public service announcements are “don’t be embarrassed if you need to take a pill”. Last night the “investigative report” was about lint in your dryer possibly causing house fires. Well, we heard about that ten years ago. Only what the fire marshal told me was that the lint was incredibly more flammable because of the dryer sheets we’d been using. Did they mention that? No, it would be restraint of trade. What they could suggest was to replace your corrugated venting, replace this, replace that. The religion/belief system of the age we are living in is anything that causes people to spend money is good- whether it helps the actual problem or not. Well, thanks for listening. It doesn’t help, but I feel a little better.

Oh, and I got this from the internet, and wanted to pass it on: The phrasing on this is a bit odd, and the style very politically correct, new-agey, but the crisis is real, and our ability to help by sending our spiritual energy to help the problem is also real. So pick your own style, and send out prayers or energy or magick to help the bees today (May2). Speaking as a sometimes bee keeper, honey may either soon be a thing of the past or beyond most of our ability to afford; and when the pollination suffers, crops suffer as well. Catastrophic Colony Collapse Disorder has followed on the heels of the Varoa mite infestations. “beekeepers in 24 states have reported losses as high as 80 and even 90 percent” as it says in this article.
I remember recovery from losses after the tracheal and varoa plagues, bees are wonderful at recovering- but we still need to help them. Anyway, while I figure it would be better to reduce the amount of pesticides and such that is probably causing it (one article suggested it was cell phones which I SO don’t want to be the cause- I like my cell phone, but I’d give it up to protect the food supply), prayer helps. If you didn’t read this until after Wednesday, don’t worry, the good energy won’t hurt.

I am putting forth the call to join our hearts together on May 2, 2007 to send A Message of Appreciation of Honeybees!

Honeybees. All over the world they are disappearing. Hives are empty, Not Even a dead bee to be found. Invader species refuse to take up Residence in The old hives. No one seems to know why the bees are disappearing. What We do know is that 60% – 70% of all honeybee colonies are vacant. We Realize That without honeybees the crops of fruits, nuts, corn etc do not Become Sufficiently pollinated to allow them to bear fruit.

In the past I have called for such action when Sedona was Experiencing an Unbroken drought. People from all over the world joined together in Giving Appreciation for Precipitation.

As the Weather Spirits received this outpouring of love and gratitude They Responded with a giving forth of rain! Rain poured down from a sky That had An hour before been bone dry! And it rained for two weeks, giving us The Needed drenching and respite from devastation.

It is now time to hold the honeybees in appreciation, to allow our Pouring forth Of gratitude to revivify and embrace back into the fold of life and Sustainability Our dear companions upon this planet: Honeybees!

Appreciation of Honeybees! May 2, 2007

In whatever manner you are personally able, move your awareness into That of Appreciation. Perhaps meditate upon someone for whom you have Appreciation And gratitude, an event that stimulates a sense of deep gratitude. When this Is A felt-sense, a palpable experience within your body, disengage the Object of Your appreciation (the person or event) so that you remain in a non- Attached State of appreciation. Draw into this state the image of honeybees. Now bring In an association of how they sound, their buzzing about, their Beauty and Grace, the wonders of honey as a food and as a wonderful sweetener of Life! Feel that joy rushing through your body as you contemplate the Honeybee.
Hold your awareness of Honeybees in this state of appreciation. Do so For As long as is ‘right’ for you. When you are ready to stop, forcefully Blow Your Breath into the image of the honeybee. This breath of life, sent in Appreciation Carries with it all your desire for blessing and positive life Empowerment to Be Carried forth to the honeybee species.

This is all that is asked, all that is required. No dogma nor Doctrine is Involved. No dieties or angels need be called upon (you certainly may if you Choose). Keep it simple! No money is being collected, No organizations derive Financial Benefit from participating in this. This is solely about the Honeybees, and Our Appreciation of them.

Yes! Please Forward this along to all you know!

Gotta go. We’re leaving for Beltaine in Connecticut tomorrow, and I’ve got to do the errands so Star can pack the van. And Marks back, he’ll be coming over tonight.

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