5-23-2007 Turtle Day Pickle Week

Hello again,
This week we got more rain, which made it hard to plant the herbs I’d bought and my Mother’s Day pansies. But we got them in today, finally. This is when some of the best scented flowers are in bloom. The lilacs are in full spate down in Wilton and Milford. Mine are just coming in. Lilies of the Valley are blooming wherever they grow- we used to have a few, and they had masses of them across the street. I still wish we’d known they were going to just dump enough dirt on top of them to raise the soil level up to the edge of the foundation they built on top of the ledge. I would have “stolen” some of those lilies of the valley, and I could have given them some back. Sigh.

Willow and Kat met the guys who they’ll be sharing a room with at Portcon over the weekend. They made the connection over the internet and wanted to make sure there was some compatibility before they were stuck together. They seemed to get along. They met at a place that has that Dance Dance Revolution game- you have to move your feet to the right squares- like twister, but to the music, so it’s fast, and rather hard. I thought Willow was good, but she said these guys were better. The girls also picked up some fabric for summer clothes.

Thursday Willow did another batch of dyeing. She just keeps getting better, I should have taken pictures to show you.

Monday night Joanna came by, on her way back down from visiting friends in Canada. 11 hours from here to her home in Maryland (because Mapquest sent her THROUGH New York City which I hadn’t realized in time to warn her- could have saved her 2 hours). She must really love those guys! She got in around 7 p.m. and planned to be out by 8 a.m. (although it took longer), so there wasn’t much by way of visiting. We all showed off our latest art, even Star. She had her inflatable bed with her, and I provided bedding (had to get blankets out of the chest because we’ve got cat hair on everything and she’s allergic to cats. We locked as many as we could outside, and she took allergy drops and antihistimine, and I think her asthma inhaler. If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have stayed up worrying, but she seems to have come through OK. Whew!

The bottom was “rotted” out of our old grill, so when I saw one for $29 I picked it up and we christened it tonight. It’s got a little table on the side for the plate for the burgers, and a inner rack to toast the buns, and a bin for the condiments and a rack on the bottom. I like it.

Monday I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to have heard back from the farm insurance company I was talking to back in January, but they said not to worry because our current policy didn’t expire until May. Maybe they called while I was in Maryland, or maybe they meant to, but there was too much activity because of the flooding while I was down there. Anyway, I didn’t panic, called to discover that expiration was Thursday- eek, no, still didn’t panic, but called around and a gentleman came over today. That was close. Goodness insurance is expensive. It comes out to just under one percent of the value of the home per year, does that sound like it’s in the right range to you? It’s so much to spend when I doubt I’ll ever use it, but it’s the old, just in case, you’d better have it thing. Today I got an ad for “long term care insurance”. At this point that falls into the “can’t afford it so that’s not something to even consider” category. If I need long term care, I’ll just die, as people have throughout history. It’s not something to look forward to, but it’s

This week we watched Man of the Year, which I can recommend. It’s got Robin Williams in a nice balance between his humor (which can be too much in large doses) and his acting. He plays a political comedian who decides to run for president, and ends up winning by a computer fluke. Now, the “suspension of disbelief” quotient was really high- because they don’t seem to have figured out that it doesn’t matter who wins the popular vote, the Electoral College decides the election, and the computer glitch they invented wouldn’t have done anything to that. Not to mention that the opponents wouldn’t have accepted it but would have demanded a recount/ investigation. But the story was sweet, I enjoyed the romance and the humor.
Mainly I think I liked it because I identified with the guy who was just trying to make a point, and found that he had more power than he’d gone for, and what should he do with it? I suppose I shouldn’t worry that my book will be important (I certainly don’t expect to either get rich or famous because of it) but within my own niche, it may make an impact. For goodness sakes, we’re talking 2-5 million pagans in the US if our estimates are right (and my book might make a difference in how many admit it). That’s in the range of Jews or Mormons, more than Muslims, Hindus, Buddists or Atheists. But world wide, there are more than a billion Muslims (although I’m not sure how many who are counted really are, since governments that promote it can make it unsafe to say anything else), and nearly that many Christians. Drop in the bucket stuff- the mainstream won’t even notice. But, maybe it will help me get paid speaking gigs. I’ve got to do something to make money.

We also picked up a copy of Pan’s Labyrinth, which is a spectacular movie on all levels. Star was disappointed they still haven’t dubbed it- it’s still in the original Spanish. We rented another in the same genre I think, it’s called The Fountain. It had lots of gorgeous costumes and weird images, and starred Hugh Jackman. But they kept cutting back and forth between the present, the 15th century, and the weird shamanic otherworld, and it was more confusing than Deja Vu. Star took out the classic old B flick At the Earth’s Core, with Doug Maclure, and Kat took out the first season of Home Improvement- reminds us of what a sweet and funny show that was, and how long ago; how young they all were!

I actually haven’t been reading as much recently because I go to sleep almost as soon as I get to bed. I did finish Pagan Theology, by Michael York, and I’ve started a psychoneuroimmunology book by Koenig, The Healing Connection (and continuing with How Doctors Think and Cockayne). I’ve been putting the books into the computer in a database file Steve brought me. I’ve only got about 85 in so far (I started with a shelf of the books I’ve read for the book, so the publishers are heavily weighted toward various university presses.) It would be nice to think I might eventually actually have the library in there- but since it seems to take about three minutes per entry (depending upon the size of the print), and I estimate that I’ve got (let’s see, about a book an inch, times 7 shelves approximately 50 feet, plus the stacks on the table, and the bins…dudududu 12x7x50 (4200) ~12 bins (960) tables (400) oh yes, and the attic (500) ok call it around 6000 books, or around 300 hours. Sure, I’ve got a couple months with nothing else to do…! But, you know, an hour here, an hour there, in a few years I may have at least the reference section in.
What would be really useful would be a program for the cookbooks where I could type in the name of a recipe and it would tell me which cookbook I’d found a good version of that recipe in it. (Or a book program that could tell me which book I got which fact from!)
One thing’s for sure. I need new reading glasses!
Oh, I almost forgot- I read The Rise of Paganism. I started to read it Sunday night I think, and just kept reading. I had a confused smile on my face the whole time. The author had done good research and had a fairly accurate view of what paganism is, but as a devout Christian, he just denies it. We see deity as imminent, but the Bible says it’s not, so we’re wrong. We feel a duty to protect the sacred earth, but the Bible says that God is going to destroy the earth, so well, yes, it’s probably a good idea to protect it- so it can be in good shape when God destroys it. Huh? It was past four (and the cocks were crowing) when I finished. That didn’t help with my staying up to chat with Joanna either.

Willow, who’s been collecting Coke codes for something that stopped being available just as she was approaching enough points (I forget what it was), found something else to get with them. This “replica” of Captain Jack Sparrow’s “compass that does not point north” is actually a portable CD player. I think it’s really cool.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This week’s holidays:
Tomorrow is Brother’s Day an Natl. Escargot Day
Friday is National Tap Dance Day & National Wine Day
Saturday is International Jazz Day and Blueberry Cheesecake Day
Sunday is Whitsunday or Pentecost (and Grape Popsicle Day)
Monday Memorial Day is observed and Nat. Hamburger Day & sunscreen day
Tuesday is End of the Middle Ages Day & Coq Au Vin Day


“The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts.”

Edmund Burke

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