6-25-2007 Festival of Ranting and Vaporing

Don’t read this unless you really want to know why I’m depressed.

I’ve got a list of phone calls to make, but I’m still waiting to hear back from the Insurance agent, and don’t want to have him call and get a busy signal. (Got a notice the insurance is being cancelled- what a surprise, we have farm animals and the roof is being redone!) I figure what mostly bothered him is how we look like white trash because of all the garbage and mess. If I can get the roof done and someone to take away the trash, maybe we can get a new policy. I put out a request to the Barony list for help getting the roofing done- one vollunteer so far, and she’s an hour and a half away.
It’s not like I wouldn’t love to live in a clean house- but I feel like I’m spinning plates- running from one crisis to another. If I only had one crisis at a time to deal with, I might be able to handle it, but several at a time is piling up on me!
I’ve been going through my bills, and need $5K this month (they total $20K if you count in the credit cards) I really had thought we were going to start making money by now! There must be something I’ve overlooked! (yeah, sell my stuff on e-bay! like that will make piles of money) At this point since I have no hope of making either $5 thousand much less $20K in the next couple of weeks, I have to admit my reaction is to just give up on it, and turn my attention to things I actually can accomplish like doing a load of dishes. I’d like to turn that technique on the money- pay the bills I can pay, but when I try that, I always seem to bounce checks, which cost me money that doesn’t even pay anyone.

Just heard back from the Insurance guy- there is no appeal. He can’t do anything- try elsewhere. I’m screwed. What now?

Rant rant, vapor vapor (who came up with that holiday anyway? I’d figure it was a “goblin” holiday, but they’re down for Elf-thumping Day today.

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